Who Is Debra Puth? Mother Of Charlie Puth

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Who Is Debra Puth? Mother Of Charlie Puth

Debra Puth is the mother of Charlie Puth, who is a famous American singer. She is known as Deb.

She grew up in Matawan, NJ, and faced challenges when her parents divorced after she graduated from high school. 

She had to work while attending college due to financial issues but she eventually graduated as a marketer. 

She also learned piano lessons and later worked as a musician for commercials. Deb found her big break when she started working for HBO.

Family of Debra Puth.
Family of Debra Puth. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Debra is married to Charles Puth, better known by Chuck in the family and who initially worked in construction but later became a real estate agent. 

She pursued a successful career and became a happy wife and mother of three children. 

Her children's names are Charlie, Stephen, and Mikaela

Debra Puth with her husband.
Debra Puth with her husband. Source: Instagram


Debra might be in her late 40s. 

Net Worth

Debra's son Charlie's net worth is about $25 Million.

Son's Love Life 

Charlie and Brooke Sansone are dating. They were seen together in New York City

Brooke wore a white sundress, and Charlie had on ripped shorts. 

They made their first public appearance together at a fancy party in Beverly Hills.

Before that, they posted pictures together on Charlie’s birthday. 

They have known each other for a while and started dating after interacting online. 

Charlie talked about their relationship on a radio show, saying they have a shared history and that he feels comfortable with her because his career can be unpredictable. 

He also mentioned that he prefers spending time with her rather than going out like he used to. 

Son Engaged To The Love Of His Life

Charlie got engaged to his girlfriend, Brooke Sansone. They celebrated their engagement in New York City, and Charlie shared the happy news on Instagram with pictures of their special moments.

Charlie Puth with his fiancee.
Charlie Puth with his fiancee. Source: Instagram

Brooke is wearing an engagement ring in the photos, and both are so happy.

Charlie’s friend, John Legend, and many other celebrities congratulated them in the comments. 

This engagement happened after they were seen together in New York City

They made their first public appearance in February and have been together since then. 

They haven't declared their wedding plan yet.

Charlie Talked About Harry Styles

Charlie told a funny story about how he accidentally attracted much attention to Harry Styles at a fancy sushi restaurant in 2014 by sharing the encounter on his phone. 

This made paparazzi swarm the place. Although Harry Styles knew him, they hadn't talked, and Charlie jokes that Harry might not like him much. 

Charlie then talked about his successful album Charlie, which reflects both happy and sad moments in his life. 

He also discussed his creative process and how he got the idea to make lyrics come from one side of the speakers inspired by The Beatles.  

He shows his talent for turning everyday objects like a cup into musical instruments and, with the help of the host, creates an entire song using cup sounds. 

The audience is impressed by his creativity. Charlie also discussed collaborating with BTS’s Jungkook on the song We Don’t Talk Anymore

Initially, he was unsure about doing a full K-pop song, but it was a huge success and opened up new opportunities for him in the K-pop world.

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