Dehea Abraham - Stunning Girlfriend Of Lloyd Polite Jr.

by Pragya Sat Mar 09 2024 Updated On Tue Apr 30 2024
Dehea Abraham - Stunning Girlfriend Of Lloyd Polite Jr.

Dehea Abraham is the girlfriend of American rapper, songwriter, and actor Lloyd Polite Jr. Her ethnicity is African, and her nationality is American. 

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Married life of Dahea

Dehea is not married yet, but she is happily dating Lloyd Polite Jr. She started dating Lloyd back in 2015

They share two children together, a son and a daughter. 

Dehea Abraham's boyfriend, Lloyd Polite Jr.
Dehea Abraham's boyfriend, Lloyd Polite Jr. Source: Instagram

About Dahea’s boyfriend, Lloyd

Lloyd is a professional rapper, songwriter, and actor. He is well known for his albums Southside, Street Love, and Kings of Heart

He was born in the year 1986 to his parents Robin and Lloyd Polite Sr. His birthday is on 3rd January. He is an American citizen by his nationality. 

Age and Net Worth

Her boyfriend, Lloyd, is 39 years old. He has a net worth of $8 Million. His sources of income are singing and acting. 

Dehea Abraham's boyfriend, Lloyd Polite Jr.
Dehea Abraham's boyfriend, Lloyd Polite Jr. Source: Instagram

Being a father changed Lloyd? 

Lloyd is the father to his two children, whom he shares with his girlfriend. 

He shared his fatherhood experience and opened up that being a dad changed him completely. When his first son was born, he cried for three weeks. 

It was the happiest day of his life. After being a dad, he realized so many things and started looking at everything in a different way. 

He also started looking at her mother differently and started respecting his mom more. 

Lloyd always tries to be the best version of himself, all because of his children. 

Lloyd sold m*rijuana? 

Lloyd started his singing career when he was just very young. 

He was a member of a boy band for a short time as the group collapsed in the early 2000s

After that, he pursued an acting career, but things didn’t turn out well for him. 

He got himself in bad influence and started smoking m*rijuana and was so indulged in its addiction that he even missed his school days. 

He also started selling m*rijuana, and at the age of 17, he got arrested for that. 

Not only that, he also had a gun with him, which got him into an even bigger problem. 

However, he was young, and as it was his first arrest, he didn’t get sentenced. He was set free with some community service work and fine. 

Lloyd lost his father? 

Lloyd was only two years old when he lost his dad. 

His family, including him, believes that his father's death was a homicide, but the autopsy report result ruled it out as suicide. 

Lloyd was born in New Orleans, but his mom later took him and his sister and moved to Decatur, Georgia after his father’s death. 

Her mom didn’t want to raise them at such a place when his father died, so she left the place. 

As he was just a little boy when his dad died, he never got a chance to know his dad. 

Lloyd took a break from music? 

Lloyd took a break from music. He revealed his reasons for the break and said that he was dealing with many things. 

Many things were happening in his life, and he had to focus on them. He felt that he needed to improve his character and to fix everything the break was necessary. 

He also got back to school and got his GED during that break. Mostly, he spent his time with his family and loved ones. 

He also said that one of the family members was going through depression, and with all the ongoing issues, he felt he was being selfish and detached from everything. 

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