Delta Bell Shepard

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Delta Bell Shepard is the daughter of famous American actor Dax Shepard, a comedian, director, podcast host, and writer. 

Delta's mother's name is Kristen Bell, an actress. Delta has a good vocal as her mom Kristen. She earned a lot of fame at a very young age. 

Delta's mom Kristen Bell talks about Delta getting humiliated

Delta was born on December 19, 2015. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius, and she has become a child star on social media as she has got much attention because of her famous parents. 

Since her mom posted a picture of her wearing a diaper when she was five years old, it grabbed people's attention. 

Among which one of the fans commented Delta being humiliated in upcoming young days due to her that picture in which she was wearing a diaper.

Her mother handled that comment and replied positively, saying that it's too okay for a five-year-old kid to wear a diaper, and said she wouldn't get humiliated for that.

Family of Delta Bell Shepard
Family of Delta Bell Shepard  Source: Instagram

Did Dax Shepard Use Testosterone to Get Bulky?

Dax has always wanted to work with Marvel. He has been waiting for the day to get hired by Marvel to help him build his physique. 

But he couldn't get that opportunity, so he decided to work out on his own to build his physique. 

He started doing workouts and started to have a protein-rich diet. 

He was so concerned about gaining muscle and building physique that's why he began to inject testosterone. 

Due to testosterone being injected into his body, he gained 24 pounds.

Father Faced Harassment in his Childhood

Dax claims that his neighbor harassed him when he was seven years old. 

At that time, the neighbor, 18 years old, harassed him as he was gay. He thought it was his mistake that he was gay by his gene. 

It took him 12 years to open about that incident. He also said that harassment was done to him as a result of drug addiction. 

He was too small to know those things. He opened up that harassment leads to drug addiction among 80% of people. 

He said that his harassment was too minor, but its effect was too much for him to handle. 

Dax Shepard Got into a Life-Threatening Accident

Dax got into a motorcycle accident which caused him to break many bones. Because of that accident, he got into surgery. 

During California road track, he was riding his motorbike very roughly and pressed break too hard. 

He admitted that it was his entire fault that leads him into an accident. 

He was admitted to the hospital as his pain was too severe.  He fell off too hard that he broke his four ribs.

He also got his clavicle broke in three places. He got too many injuries due to motorbike riding. But he never thought about quitting in it.

Delta Bell Shepard father Dax and  his bike
Delta Bell Shepard father Dax and  his bike  Source: Instagram

Parents First Met and Married

Dax is married to famous actress Kristen Dell. He and Kristen met in 2007, where they both attended a dinner party. 

After that, they met again in a hockey game where they started talking to each other. 

After some time they both started dating, and throughout that time, they worked together many times. 

In 2010 January, Dax and Kristen got engaged. 

They delayed their married until same-sex marriage got legally accepted in California. 

After that, in 2013, when same-sex marriage got legal acceptance, their gay and lesbian friends could marry with same-sex Kristen kept marriage proposal to Dax

Later they got married on 2013 October 17 in the courthouse. Dax has two children with Kristen

His first daughter's name is Lincoln, and his second daughter's name is Delta.

Delta Bell Shepard parents
Delta Bell Shepard parents  Source: Instagram

Net Worth

She is a small kid right now. Her father's net worth is $40 Million. His source of income is an actor, director, and comedian.

Age, Height, and Weight

She was born in 2014 and is six years old now. Her nationality is American. She has an elder sister named Lincoln Bell Shepard

About Dax Shepard

He is an American actor, podcast host as well as a writer, and director. He was born on January 2, 1975. 

His full name is Dax Randall Shepard. He was born to Laura Labo and David Robert in Highland township, Michigan

His parents got separated when he was three years old. His mother raises him along with his brother and a half-sister. 

He started hosting shows in 2018 and had great interviews with many famous stars and journalists. 

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