Denim Cole Braxton-Lewis- Truth About Toni Braxton Son

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Denim Cole Braxton-Lewis- Truth About Toni Braxton Son

Denim Cole Braxton-Lewis is the first child of an American singer, songwriter, pianist, actress, and television personality Toni Braxton

Denim's Family

His father's name is Keri Lewis, born on 12 February 1971. His birth name is Keirston Jamal Lewis. He is an American singer and songwriter. 

Denim Cole Braxton-Lewis father Keri Lewis
Denim Cole Braxton-Lewis father Keri Lewis  Source: Instagram

His mother's name is Toni Braxton. She was born on 7 October 1967 in Severn, Maryland, United States

His parents got married back in 1967. The couple's welcomed two beautiful sons.

Mom Toni and father Keri in their wedding dress
Mom Toni and father Keri in their wedding dress  Source: YouTube 

Denim also has a younger brother Diezel Ky Braxton-Lewis. He is one year younger than Denim. He is a model and actor. 

About Mother

Toni Braxton was born as the first child in the hands of father Michael Conrad Braxton Sr and mother Evelyn Jackson.

Her father was a Methodist clergyman and power company worker, and her mother was a former opera singer and cosmetologist.

She was the eldest among six siblings. She has one younger brother and four younger sisters.

Toni and her siblings were raised in a strict religious household.

She first experienced her singing ability while performing in her church choir.

After graduating from high school, she planned on becoming a music teacher. Singing became a sensual component of Toni.

William E. Pettaway Jr. discovered her singing talent While Toni was singing to herself in a Gas station.

After Pettaway discovered Toni, she and her four sisters signed the record contract.

Toni, alongside her four sister's Towanda, Trina, Travis, and Tamar, began performing as The Braxtons.

Denim Cole Braxton-Lewis with father and brother
Denim Cole Braxton-Lewis with father and brother   Source: Instagram

The Braxtons released their first single,The good life, which wasn't a huge hit but was able to catch the attention of the well-known producers.

Mother Highest-Selling Female R&B Artists 

Toni was able to attract the attention of different directions and songwriters with her husky voice.

She started to perform as a solo artist. Her first solo song became one on the US Billboard 200 and entered the top ten of the album's chart in different countries.

Her songs became a big hit. All these years, Toni was able to win five Billboard Awards, seven Grammy Awards, and other well-known awards.

She was also certified 8x platinum in the USA. She had sold about 70 million records worldwide, including 41 million albums, making her the highest-selling female R&B artist in history.

Parents Marriage and Divorce 

His mother married his father, musician Keri Lewis back on 21 April 2001 after dating for several years. 

The couple welcomed their first child, Denim, back in December 2001. After one year, Toni again got pregnant with her second child.
The couple welcomed their second child, Diezel, in March 2003.

Denim Cole Braxton-Lewis with his mother and brother
Denim Cole Braxton-Lewis with his mother and brother  Source: Instagram 

After eight years of marriage, Toni announced that she and her husband had separated. 

The couple's divorce was later finalized in July 2013, and they shared their children's custody. 

They are maintaining a good relationship for the sake of the children till date.

Happiness while talking about the relationship 

Denim's mother, Toni, gave an interview to "The Wendy Williams Show" where she talked about her relationship like how it started she opened up about how she feels about her sister. 

The interview began with some personal questions that were asked to her by the host. Toni went to Miami for her 51st birthday celebration with her partner Birdman. She got a Tesla from her partner on her birthday, which was a big birthday present. 

She said that her partner loves the car, so he gave her the car, and because of that, she is also getting interested in cars. Toni showed her beautiful ring in her hand to the host, saying that she was engaged to Birdman

The host then assumed Toni's partner's age as 45, which she corrected, saying 49. Toni then spoke up about her relationship with Birdman. It was shocking that they were just friends before dating each other. 

They had been friends for 17 years and later fell in love. According to her, Birdman gave his best and supported her when she was disturbed and having issues with something, which made her fall for him. 

Toni adores her partner, loves him with all of her heart, and finds him a good, caring and perfect man, but they are not ready to marry, so they are dating for now. 

Toni's mother also adore him very much. For Toni, her sisters are also important, and she is too positive about her sisters and wants them to be successful. 

She wishes good for her sisters. But in the past, there was a situation when she was pissed off from her family, but later it all got fine. She doesn't want to be without her sister, as her sisters are part of her.

To know more about the interview, do visit the link 

Younger Brother Diagnosed with Autism

His brother Diezel has been diagnosed with autism. In October 2006, his mother broke down in tears at her concert after knowing about her son Diezel's health.

She thinks it's God's payback while discussing Diezel's autism because of her abortion back in her 30s.

He helped his younger brother a lot to build his confidence to fight against his illness.

In 2016, Diezel fully improved and has no longer autistic anymore. 

Toni also works on several autism-related projects. 

Toni makes her children pay rent 

Toni gave an interview on The Wendy Williams Show where she talked about her children, her show, and many more. 

She started the interview by talking about her health as she suffered from Lupus but she was getting better. She gave that interview in 2015 and at that time her children were 9 and 11 years old. 

She talked about the changes that she faced as her kids were growing up. Her sons tell her to get out of the shower and now she can’t even put lotion on them. 

Toni said that she gives allowance to her sons and she makes them charge her rent. She takes $3 per week as a rent charge. She takes $1.50 for utilities from her elder son and $1.25 from her younger son. 

Her son yells at her saying that $3 is way too more. Toni then opened up about her decision to stop singing. She said that she will not sing as she doesn’t feel connected to music anymore. 

She tried listening to songs but it doesn’t impact her no more. She will not do any albums. She has been getting many calls from record companies but she is not interested in singing anymore. 

Toni was in the show named Braxton Family Values and opened up that their new season is full of drama. 

She then talked about her character in the movie Twist of Fate. She is playing the character of Nina in that movie and her character falls in love with a white man. 

Her character Nina is a school teacher and she is very unlucky when it comes to love. The same things happen to the white man. Both of them find each other and fell in love. 

They both belong to completely different religions and cultures but that made no difference in their love.

Net Worth

His net worth is unknown, while his mother's net worth is structured below:

 Denim Cole Braxton-LewisToni Braxton  (mother)
Net worth Unknown $10 million 
Income Model, actor American singer, songwriter, pianist, actress, and television personality

Age, Height, and Weight 

  1. He is nineteen years old.
  2. His height and weight have not been disclosed.

Parents dated for two years after getting divorced 

Denim's parents dated for two years after getting divorced in 2013 in an attempt to save their relationship again. 

While appearing on Red Table Talk back in 2018, his mother shared they dated for a good year and a half and were hopeful. They started dating immediately after getting divorced. 

When asked if her kids knew they were dating, she said they didn’t know they were divorced. 

She thought they were going to be back together so when the kids would go to sleep then her ex-husband would leave and come up the next morning. 

She then went on to reveal that she and her ex-husband got divorced due to money issues. 

According to her, she suffered from Lupus at that time due to which she struggled to make money as she had to cancel the shows. 

She recalled being at the hospital a few times lying ill and her ex-husband arriving later in the day or the next day. 

It made her think she was unwanted because she was sick and made her insecure though she never talked to him about it. 

She always felt like she could have continued to work if she wasn’t sick and they would never have been separated and would have been together.

She also went on to gush about her fiancé Bryan Williams mainly known as Birdman

According to her, they have been friends for more than 16 years and the turning point of their relationship came after she fell ill. 

He was there for her every time everywhere to make sure that she was ok that made her feel special.

Toni Teaching Her Sons About Dating

Denim's mom while appearing on Jennifer Hudson's show said she is super proud of her two sons and also revealed that she is trying to teach them about dating as both of them are in college. 

But she is first teaching them how to cook because they don’t know how to cook which she doesn’t like, she said. 

She tells her sons they should know how to cook at least spaghetti to get a girl and they got to try something, they have to open doors and pay for stuff.

She also shared that both of her sons love music revealing that she is not their favorite artist. She said they love Drake’s music which has now slowly turned into artists of younger generations.

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