Who is Denis Giroud? Father of Olivier Giroud

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Who is  Denis Giroud? Father of Olivier Giroud

Denis Giroud is a celebrity father. He is the beloved father of Olivier Giroud.

Olivier is a professional French soccer player who plays for Serie A club AC Milan and the France national team as a striker. 

Denis married his beloved wife, Viviane Giroud, and the couple gave birth to two lovely children, Denis, and Romain Giroud. 

Denis and Viviane are away from the media, due to which much information about them is under review.

Denis Giroud's wife and son.
Denis Giroud's wife and son. Source: WTFoot

His Son Loves Life

Many years ago, Olivier fell in love with his beloved and beautiful wife, Jennifer Giroud

The couple met each other in their early twenties and decided on forever in their mid-twenties. 

The couple tied the knot and exchanged vows in July 2012. They have been together in every up and down. 

Jennifer is a very caring and understanding wife who has always been her husband's back.

Denis Giroud's son Olivier Giroud.
Denis Giroud's son Olivier Giroud. Source: Instagram

Do They Have Children?

A year after their marriage in 2013, Jennifer was pregnant with a baby girl. 

The pair welcomed their first kid on the 18th of June, 2013. They named her Jade Giroud

Olivier, who was never fond of children, started taking time out for her little infant girl. 

He successfully learned and fulfilled his fatherhood by providing emotional, intellectual, and physical care to her infant daughter. 

In 2016, three years after their first child, The couple welcomed their second kid Evan Giroud born on the 7th of March, 2016. 

After a year, the couple was expecting a child when Jennifer was pregnant with a baby boy. 

The family was very excited to meet the newborn. They welcomed him on the 25th of January, 2018, and named him Aron Giroud. 

He is already a four years kid in 2022

On the 19th of November, 2020, The family welcomed the youngest member. The baby girl was named Aria Giroud.

We can see many photos of the couple together with their offspring. The family looks very connected to each other.

Family of Olivier Giroud.
Family of Olivier Giroud. Source: Instagram

About Olivier's Scandal

Olivier cheated on Jennifer and was in an extramarital affair with Celia Kay

She is a lingerie Model. They had an affair that was out in public. 

After Jennifer learns the truth, she is scattered, but Olivier manages to convince her by asking her forgiveness and stating that he has not committed adultery. 

He did not disclose all the information and said to respect his privacy. 

The couple settled down the topic and are together. It has been more than a decade of their togetherness.

Age And Net Worth

Denis's age is unknown, but his son Olivier is 36 years old. He was born in Chambery, France, on the 30th of September, 1986

His zodiac sign is Libra. Just like defined by his zodiac, Olivier is an intellectual man. 

Denis's net worth is unknown, but his son Olivier has a net worth of 10 million dollars. 

Olivier Loved Playing Football From A Young Age

Olivier was just six years old when he started playing football. 

The person who introduced him to football was his brother Romain. 

As Romain was ten years older than Olivier, he was already into football. 

Talking about the truth, Olivier became interested as he saw his brother playing.

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