Who Is Dennis Depay? Father Of Memphis Depay

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Who Is Dennis Depay? Father Of Memphis Depay

Dennis Depay is the father of Dutch football player Memphis Depay who plays for La Liga club Barcelona and the national team of the Netherlands

His ex-partner's name is Cora Schensema.

Dennis Depay's ex-partner, Cora Schensema.
Dennis Depay's ex-partner, Cora Schensema. Source: Pinterest

Is Memphis Married?

Memphis is not married yet. He was in a relationship with American singer, actress, and record producer Chloe Bailey till 2021

Their dating rumor began to spread after they were spotted in Chloe's studio together. However, their relationship lasted for a few months only. 

Before that, he was in a serious relationship with model Lori Harvey, the daughter of comedian Steve Harvey

They even got engaged back in 2017. But the soon-to-be husband and wife called off their engagement.

Dennis Depay's son, Memphis Depay.
Dennis Depay's son, Memphis Depay. Source: Instagram


His son Memphis is 28 years old. He is 1.73m tall. He weighs around 78 kg.

Net Worth

His son Memphis's net worth is estimated to be $20 million.

His annual salary is estimated to be $5 million.

Memphis Has Lion Tattooed On His Back

The lion tattoo on his back is his biggest pride as he has a lion heart mentality. 

He said he likes to stay grounded even during his hard times. 

He said everybody is in the race to become the best, and his tattoo reminds him to be the best, and for that, he has to work hard than everyone. 

He said he feels like the king of the jungle and has the mindset of a lion. 

He added he every young player must face challenges and come out of them stronger with a lion mentality. 

Memphis Didn't Have An Idol When Growing Up

Memphis said that while growing up, he didn't look up to someone as his hero. 

He said he watched the movie Simba, which greatly impacted him as he was impressed with the lion character. 

He liked the fact that the lion claimed his throne after all the hardship. He revealed that was the time he fell in love with a lion. 

He didn't have any figure whom he looked upon as his superhero. But he loved lions growing up.

Memphis Is Not Just A Footballer

Memphis is a great singer. He loves music. He said he could deliver his emotion through his music. 

He said he put his anger, pain, and happiness all into his music. 

He said the amount of love and respect he got from the audience was amazing. He said music gives balance to his life and makes him more focused. 

He said he loved both football and music right from the beginning. He started recording in studios when he was fourteen years old. 

Memphis Spoke About Why He Didn't Leave Barcelona

Memphis said that there is always a rush during the transfer window. 

He revealed that many clubs came to him during the summer, but he decided to stay in Barcelona

He said he was the top scorer last season and wants to compete. 

After analyzing everything, he decided not to walk away from the club. He said he enjoys playing for the club, and his teammates are nice to him. 

He said he is feeling great at the club. He added he works hard to be a better player every day. 

He said it’s up to the coach who makes a decision, and he respects his decision. 

Memphis Discussed How He Figured Out His Love For Football

He revealed that he went to the field when he was four years old to play football. 

He said that he was playing better than any of his friends. He said he didn’t know the reason, but he enjoyed playing at school. 

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