Who Is Desmond Styles? Father Of Harry Styles

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Who Is Desmond Styles? Father Of Harry Styles

Desmond Styles is the father of world-famous singer Harry Styles. He was born in England. His parents are Keith Frederick Styles and Beryl German

He was married to Anne Twist, and now they are separated. There is no information about him remarrying. 

Desmond Styles's ex-wife and their son.
Desmond Styles's ex-wife and their son. Source: People

Desmond Career

He used to live in Manchester. He worked for various financing companies. 

He has been a director at Consult HS Limited since January 2014. Desmond has a considerable interest in music himself. 

He was a massive fan of classic bands like Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, and Queen

Though he didn't make a career in music, his son Harry significantly impacted the music industry. 

And also he has attended his son’s concert and is a fan of his music.

Desmond's Children 

Desmond has two children, Harry Styles and Gemma Styles

His son Harry was born in February 1994 and is among the most popular British American singers

He was part of the One Direction boy band. He got recognized by being in the band with four other members.  

His daughter Gemma Styles was born in December 1990

She works as a freelance journalist for the media. They both have pretty close relationships as a sibling. 

The sibling's bond is so cute and strong.

Desmond Styles with his children.
Desmond Styles with his children. Source: Pinterest


He was born on 25th October 1957 in England, and his current age is 65

Net Worth

Desmond's net worth is about $1.5 Million. And his son Harry's net worth is about $120 Million.

Failed Marriage

When Desmond and Anne decided to get divorced, Harry was only seven years old

They sat with both of their children and told them about getting divorced. 

It was worse for them to confess their separation, and it even worsened when Harry started crying as soon as he heard about the divorce. 

Desmond said Harry was not the kind of boy who cried, but he cried often that time. 

Desmond said that was one of the worst days of his life. However, they made it through the divorce.

Their reason for separation is unknown, but they have a healthy relationship as co-parents. 

And Desmond has a good relationship with his son and daughter. He never fails to express how proud he is of his son. 

They spent a lot of time together as father and son. And he even shares pictures with Harry on social media quite often. 

He is always available for his children and says all they have to do is text him.

Harry's Song “As It Was” Is About His Father's Separation From The Family

Harry and his father's relationship is heartwarming, and he loves his father very much.

 “As It Was” was a hit after its release. And many of his fans were curious about the song and its meaning. 

Many fans assume it may be one of his relationships. But if you listen to the song closely, it is about his relationship with his father. 

However, as Harry was affected by his parent's divorce, it might be him confessing his feelings when he was just seven years old.

Desmond Styles's son Harry Styles.
Desmond Styles's son Harry Styles. Source: Instagram

But Harry has not confirmed or denied this rumor, so it is not confirmed yet. 

Singers usually sing about their experiences, so it might be that the song can be about his father.

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