Dewey Do

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Dewey Do

Dutran T. Do is the real name of Dewey Do. His date of birth is under the research.  

He is the husband of famous Television personality Bobby Berk from the TV series Queer Eye

Dewey is an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon. He attended the University of Connecticut Health Center and completed his graduation. 

Dewey is a person who loves keeping himself far from social media. 

He does not have an official account on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media. 

Loving Partner Bobby Berk 

On August 25, 1981, Bobby was born, and he is 39 years old handsome man.

He is an American Interior designer, reality television personality, and author. 

He rose to fame from his role as an interior designer expert in the Netflix series Queer Eye.

Dewey Do husband Bobby Berk
Dewey Do husband Bobby Berk    Source: Instagram

Berk’s Early Life

Berk was given birth by a young mother who was physically, mentally, and financially weak to grow a child so, his maternal aunt Connie and her husband Jerry Berk adopted him. 

He grew up at Mount Vernon, Missouri, in the middle of Amish Farm country. 

His childhood was tough. At a young age, he suffered from both internal and external homophobia.

Due to all difficulties, he left his house at the young age of 14.  

He went for a job at Applebee’s in Branson. He used to sleep inside a car and sometimes with friends.

He always wanted to study and joined the school. He went back to his hometown and joined Kickapoo High School for junior year. 

His last job at that time was as a telemarketer for MCI communication. That job was the one that helped him to find his biological father.

Berk is a very hardworking person from a young age. He started working from an early age. 

After finishing his junior year, he went to New York in 2003 with just $100 in his pocket. 

Luckily, he found a good job at Restoration Hardware and Bed, Bath Portico, a high-end home furnishing company where he learned so many things. 

He successfully worked as a creative director at the entrance. He did not have a high school diploma or formal training, but his dedication and passion for work made it possible.

He worked at portico for three years. 

After that, he launched his online store name Bobby Berk Home in SOHO, Manhattan.

He also opened another store in Midtown Miami, Florida, and Midtown Atlanta, Georgia, in 2010.

Later on, he also launched Bobby Berk Interior+ Designer, which was specializing interior design services. 

His customer service made him popular among the people.

Being gay was not easy for Berk

Berk has faced a lot of problems for being gay. Everyone in his hometown knew that he was gay so, People discriminated against him for this reason. 

He was even behaving oddly by people while attending the Assemblies of God church. Visiting the Bible belt was very difficult for him.

He had also faced employment discrimination. 

He and his Queer Eye co-star Jonathan Van Ness pleased recent supreme court work on the Civil Rights act of 1964 so that they can have health care and housing rights.

Pastor's message to Bobby Berk 

Dewey’s partner Bobby gave an interview in a show in which he opened up about his sexuality and how his talks changed the mind of a Pastor. Bobby was born as a Christian and had faith in Jesus. 

He prayed every morning before attending school and went to church daily. He was taught to hate gay people, and also told that they are the ones who are not allowed to live. 

As he grew up, he prayed to God not to make him gay. But he turned out to be gay. After knowing he was gay, his community discarded him and hated him. 

Berk left his house when he was just 15 years old after knowing that he was different. He didn’t want to stay in that place where he was taught to hate himself. He also opened up about the increase of suicidal cases of people who are gay. 

They are not accepted, and they feel so unwanted and alone that they have no option left except to die. So he came to Springfield, Missouri. There he lived his life according to him and accepted himself as the way he is. 

After entering the entertainment industry, he asked the director to not ask him to go to church because he didn’t want to go back there after all he had went through. 

Later, he was asked to go to the center near the church for his show Queer’s Eye, but he completely denied that. It was so hard for him as he was asked to kill and hate himself by his religion. 

A pastor who saw him saying all those texted him saying that being gay is not self-will. Neither the gay people are bad, nor do they deserve hell. That pastor even said that he wouldn’t be teaching hating gay people, nor he will blame that gays are bad. 

Married and Children

Bobby and Dewey Together
Bobby and Dewey Together  Source: Instagram

Dewey and Bobby dated each other several years before their marriage. 

It has already been six years of their marriage. This cute couple always had a happy love life. 

They use to keep their romance and love alive by traveling to different places and daily face time.    

Though Bobby and Dewey both love children but do not have any children at this moment, they said they would have children in the future.

Bobby is a designer 

Bobby gave an interview on The Ellen Show where he talked about his series and design. Ellen started the interview by talking about her meeting with Bobby at Family Feud backstage. 

Bobby said that they had a horrible time, but it was a great meeting for him. 

Bobby is well known for his appearance in the show Queer Eye and besides being a great actor, he is a designer. 

During the pandemic, he shared so many videos of designing a house, which was pretty awesome. He said that he nearly gave thousands of interviews about designing a house. 

Ellen said that Bobby is a designer expert but not a designer. 

Bobby shared that he had no plans of being a designer, and he always thought of moving to New York and getting a job as a server, and he did that. 

He came from a small town, and the only thing he knew about designing was Designing Women, an old show. 

The interviewer then asked if any of Queer Eye’s cast members asked him to design their houses. 

Bobby said that his costar Jonathan wanted Bobby to design his house, but he clearly said no. 

Bobby mentioned that Jonathan is like a brother to him, and they have a sibling kind of relationship with each other. As he doesn’t mix work and relationships, he denied Jonathan

They love each other, and he didn’t want to work with his brother. 

Another person who asked him to design a house was Tan, and many people thought that he helped Tan in designing, but it was not true. He said that Tan himself is a great designer. 

Bobby then talked about getting bit by fire ants when he was in Texas. He said that the fire ant went inside his pants and caused problems. 

He was in Texas for shooting, and he said that it was very hot there and revealed that it was one of the reasons why he left Texas and moved to New York.

Bobby Cried Looking Into A Girl's Eyes

Bobby revealed in an interview that he had been fired from the maximum job he did. Except for a few jobs where he quit himself.

He opened up that he was terrible in every job and was fired. He said that where ever he goes to work, he doesn’t quit himself as he is not a quitter. But his works were so bad that he was automatically fired. 

He revealed that he was working in a store at a time and what he did was, used the store’s fax machine to send his resume for the job to another place. 

The fax didn’t work and it printed his resume back to the machine which was seen by the owner. It was not something people would think of doing, but it was quite an experience for him. 

He also revealed that he had once worked in a hardware shop but his work got him kicked out of the line. But now, he owns his own furniture line. He is doing pretty well with his interior design. 

He can turn any room into a really beautiful place. He did his first interior design when he was just a child. He simply matched his room based on a dinosaur theme. 

While working, he expressed that he doesn’t care much about what others think about him. Nobody’s opinion matters to him except his spouse’s. 

He also shared one of his memory in the interview. While he was on a shoot in Japan, he met a girl with whom he was having a conversation using a translator. 

But they connected just by looking into each other's eyes. The connection was so deep that Bobby actually cried just by looking into her eyes.

Net Worth 

The net worth of a couple is given below:

Name Net WorthSource of earning
Dewey Do$1.5 millionOral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
Bobby Berk$6millionDesigner, Author, TV personality

Age, Weight, and Height 

  1. His exact birth date is unknown.
  2. He lives in Los Angeles.

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