Dhani Harrison

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Dhani Harrison

Dhani Harrison is the son of late English musician, singer-songwriter and music and film producer George Harrison

His mother name is Olivia Harrison. Dhani himself is a musician, composer and singer. He is the only child of his parents. 

He is an English citizen by his nationality.

Dhani's father George, in his old days
Dhani's father George, in his old days 

Relationship Status Of Dhani Harrison 

Dhani was in a relationship with Solveig Karadottir. They both got married in 2012

They stayed as a couple for three years, and after that, they ended their relationship. 

Dhani was the one who asked for the divorce from his wife. They had no kids together, and their relationship was very short-lived. 

Currently, he is in a relationship with Mereki Beach. The couple has started dating a while ago. 

They have been spotted at many places, and they were also caught attending many events together. 

Dhani with his guitar
Dhani with his guitar  Source: Instagram 

About Dhani Harrison

Dhani is an English musician, composer and singer-songwriter born on 1st August 1978. His mom and dad raised him in Windsor, Berkshire. 

His dad was a great musician, and he gave him drumming lessons when he was just six years old. 

He showed his interest in music and pursued that career. Dhani is a great singer, and he is the vocalist and guitarist of his band. 

He began his career as a composer in 2013. He released his first-ever solo album in In Parallel in 2017

Dhani Harrison mother 
Dhani Harrison mother  Source: Instagram

Age, Height, and Weight 

Dhani is 43 years old. His height is 1.69m.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Dhani is $275 Million. His source of income comes as being a musician, singer-songwriter and music and film producer. 

They average income of a singer is $157,782 per year. 

Dhani Didn't Want To Follow His Father's Footsteps

Dhani is a popular musician and is well known to be the son of George Harrison

His father is a world-famous musician and member of the band Beatles. He had seen his father's popularity and fan following. 

He used to be known by his father's name. He wanted to create a name for himself on his own. He knew that if he went into music, he wouldn't have his name. 

He wanted to be different, so he tried many things. He tried fashion designing, military, athlete, and many things but couldn't do well. 

He ended up being a musician. He said that music was in his DNA and couldn't be changed.

George Harrison Had Reason To Keep His Son's Name Dhani

George was a world-famous musician who contributed the music industry with many beautiful works. 

He was a fan of many forms of music and Indian music was one of them. He loved Indian music and appreciated that genre. 

His attraction towards Indian music was reflected as he kept his son's name Dhani

He picked up two notes from the Indian classical music Dha and Ni. Hence he named his son Dhani.

George Harrison Was Attacked

George was attacked by a mad man in 1999. He was 56 at that time. He was resting in his home on that day. 

He had security on his doorsteps, but a mad man named Abram entered his house through fences. 

He then broke into Harrison's house through the window, using a statue to break. 

He had a knife with him and attacked Harrison. George tried to tackle him, but he couldn't. 

He was stabbed into his chest multiple times. The man then went for George's wife, but she escaped. 

Police arrived in 15 minutes and arrested the man. George was then immediately taken to hospital.

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