Who is Diana Lasso Partner? Ex-Wife Of Wayne Brady

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Who is Diana Lasso Partner? Ex-Wife Of Wayne Brady

Diana Lasso is a Colombian singer. She is also known for being the ex-wife of famous American comedian and television personality Wayne Brady.  

Though she is a singer, she became famous after divorcing Wayne.

Beautiful Diana Lasso.
Beautiful Diana Lasso. Source: Instagram

More About Diana 

Diana has been interested in singing since her childhood days.  She was highly dedicated to becoming one. 

Though she achieved her dream of singing and became a Colombian singer. She didn't get good limelight from it. 

Instead, her fame started when she got divorced from her ex-husband Wayne

She, later on, started producing her music. 

She has an extensive hit music career in Columbia, and her hit song is ‘Esta Noche No.’ She is an amazing singer.

Diana And Wayne's Relationship

How the duo met is unknown, but they married on 31 December on New Year's eve in 1993

Their marriage didn't last long. The duo got separated after two years of living together. 

There were several rumors about the reason for their broken marriage. 

However, the popular one was because of Wayne's hectic lifestyle. There was a lack of communication and a lack of spending time together. 

Wayne could not provide valuable time for his wife at the time. And also, Wayne was suffering from a critical depression. 

Their separation was not easy for both of them. There was a lot of drama that happened during their divorce.  

According to the source, Diana is single and has kept her life private.

Diana Lasso's ex-husband, Wayne Brady. 
Diana Lasso's ex-husband, Wayne Brady. Source: Instagram


Diana was born on 4 March 1975 in Colombia. Her star sign is Pisces. She will be 47 years old in 2023

Her height is about 5 feet 3 inches, and her weight is about 50 kg.

Net Worth

As a singer, her net worth is about $1.2 Million, whereas her famous ex-husband Wayne's net worth is about $12 Million.

People Assume Wayne’s A Gay

Wayne was invited as a guest celebrity in the daily show with Trevor. And he was asked numerous questions by people. 

While he was reading the questions and commenting, one of the fans asked him about his being gay. 

The question was, "Wayne, are you gay? Or do you just support the gay and pride lifestyle?"

I am guessing you are gay!!!!!” Other questions were about him being with a man; he replied with his funny humor. 

There were a lot of questions raised about his sexuality, but Wayne didn't look bothered and didn't even clarify whether he was gay or not. 

Wayne Is A Proud Father

Wayne has a daughter named Maile Masako Brady with his ex-wife Mandie Taketa.

Wayne's reaction was unbelievable when his daughter Maile debuted her acting in the daytime. 

He said that when he saw his daughter on set, he got emotional. He had a couple of moments when he had tears in his eyes. 

And his daughter Maile also talks about how her goal is not all about fame. She wants to be good at what she does; it is essential nowadays. 

And Wayne's daughter Maile seems to be multi-talented. For example, Wayne posted a video about his daughter singing the song ‘Havana”. 

Their father and daughter relationship is undefinable. 

Wayne wanted Maile to dress up as him for Halloween. And it was a pretty funny thing to say. And Wayne looked a little embarrassed when Maile told them about it.

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