Who Is Diane Barrino? Mother Of Fantasia Barrino

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Who Is Diane Barrino? Mother Of Fantasia Barrino

Diane Barrino is the mother of Grammy-winning singer and actress Fantasia Barrino. 

She was married to Joseph Barrino. They had three kids together. They got separated when Fantasia was young.

Diane Barrino's husband and their daughter.
Diane Barrino's husband and their daughter. Source: Facebook

Is Fantasia Married?

Fantasia is married to Kendall Taylor. They tied the knot in 2015. Her husband is a German-American businessman

They welcomed their firstborn in 2021


Her daughter, Diane, is 39 years old

Net Worth

Her daughter Diane's net worth is estimated to be $1 million

Diane Barrino's daughter, Fantasia Barrino.
Diane Barrino's daughter, Fantasia Barrino. Source: Instagram

Why Did Fantasia Take The Role In 'The Color Purple'?

Fantasia played the role of Celie Harris-Johnson in a musical coming-of-age period drama, The Color Purple. 

She received a Golden Globe nomination for her performance. She said she felt like she was living in a dream. 

She revealed that she was almost running from doing this as she has played Celie on Broadway, and it was not easy for her. 

She shared that she was also carrying some loads in her life and thought it would overload her. 

She said the film's director, Blitz Bazawule, gave imagination to her character, which Celie never had on Broadway. 

She said she resonated with Celie in many ways, but stepping into her shoes was challenging. 

She said Celie code-switched a lot and played with Sofia, Mister, Shug, Avery, and Harpo, and for her to play with all that energy was difficult for her. 

She said Celie was a kind and loving person, and she was also like her. 

She said she has grown up with Celie and looks at things differently than she used to do when she was on Broadway. 

She said Celie was not ugly and just needed to be seen, which is why she meant a lot to her, as she could see herself and know who she was.

Fantasia Started To Love Herself After She Met Her Husband

Fantasia said that before she met her husband, she had felt unseen. 

She said when she decided to put a ring on her finger, she promised herself that she would love herself after that because she had never loved herself before. 

She said she had been through a lot and decided to heal herself. 

She calls her husband king, and he addresses her as his queen. She said her husband is her best friend. 

She said her husband tells her how beautiful she is every single day. 

Fantasia Talked About Reuniting With Paula Abdul

Fantasia won the third season of American Idol, and at that time, Paula Abdul was on the judging panel. 

She met Paul on the red carpet after 20 years. She said she could not hold her tears when she met her. 

She shared that when she was on American Idol, Paula told her that she could see her not only singing but also acting or being a movie star in the future. 

When they met again, Paula said that she was correct.

Fantasia Shared Her Favorite Moment From American Idol

Fantasia shared that she could not forget when they announced that she had won American Idol

She said she felt like chains and cruses were broken, and she was free to go out there and open doors for every girl and woman in her family. 

She said she sang a song called Things Called Love, which is by far her favorite song from Idol. 

She said nobody expected her to sing that song, and when she sang it, she killed it. 

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