Diane Finnegan Kutcher

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Diane Finnegan Kutcher

Diane Finnegan Kutcher is the mother of Ashton Kutcher, an American actor-producer and a model. 

Diane was married to Larry M. Kutcher, who's a worker at a factor. 

Professionally Diane was a Procter and Gamble employee.

Diane is the mother of three children. She has one daughter named Tausha. His sons Ashton and Michael are fraternal twins. 

Ashton Surprised Diane on Mother's Day

Diane received a fantastic surprise gift from her elder son Ashton on the beautiful day of Mother's Day.

His gift was the renovation of her new home. His son remodeled the house with the help of his then-fiancé, Mila.

His son redesigned her old house through a redesigning website. His son expressed his honor for her dedication and love by giving her old home a new look. 

Her old house was made by her son Ashton and her second husband Mark in 1991

That house is very peaceful and gives her a feeling of home. Diane had tried to fulfill everything that her kids wanted. So as a way of thanking her for her sacrifices, her son surprised her.

Was Ashton's Ex-Girlfriend Fiercely Killed?

Ashton was in a relationship with Ashley Ellerin, a fashion designer student, in 2001. She was just 22 years old when she was killed. 

They planned to go out that day, but Ashton made Ashley wait. 

When Ashton reached his girlfriend's place, he knocked on the door, but she didn't respond. 

He thought Ashley had left the house and was pissed off with him as he made her wait. 

He also checked through her window and saw some red spots on the ground but ignored it, thinking it was wine spots, and left her place. 

The following day his girlfriend was found dead by her roommates.

They immediately informed the police and knew that she had been stabbed many times. 

As soon as Ashton got the news, he went to the detective and said he visited her place that night and his fingerprints might be in her windows and doors. 

Later it was found out that Michael Gargiulo killed her. He was a psycho that killed many women for no reason.

He was taken into custody by the police and was hanged.

Ashton Hit A Boy With His Car

Ashton was driving his Tesla and suddenly got collapsed with a boy who was riding a scooter. 

The boy's name was Leo Marenghi; he was a teenager. He was on his way to receive kids from school for whom he was babysitting. 

After the accident, Ashton came out of the car to see the boy. He later discovered that the boy who got hit by his Tesla was his big fan. 

Although the boy got into an accident, nothing serious happened to him. His hand was a bit sore, but he was happy to see his favorite actor in front of him.

Ashton Kutcher Relationship Status 

Ashton was married to actress Demi Moore in 2005. They lived together for six years and later got separated. 

After one year of their separation, Ashton appealed for divorce and hence got divorced in 2013.

Ashton is now married to Mila Kunis. He met Mila on the set of That '70s Show

At that time, both were in their teen. Mila had a crush on Ashton at that time. They played the role of girlfriend and boyfriend at that show. 

They stayed in touch even after the show was over. After getting divorced from his previous wife, Ashton and Kunis kissed each other at a party they attended.

They both got engaged in 2014. Mila got pregnant and gave birth to their first child, a daughter. 

After that, they got married in 2015. Later after one year of their marriage, they had a son together.

Ashton Kutcher with his wife, Mila
Ashton Kutcher with his wife, Mila  Source: Instagram

Net Worth 

Her son, Ashton net worth is $200 million. His source of income comes from being an actor, model, and producer.

Age, Height, and Weight

She might be in her early 70s. However, her son Ashton is 43 years old.

About Ashton Kutcher

Ashton is an American actor, model, and producer who was born on February 7, 1978

He is the son of Diana Kutcher and Larry M Kutcher. He has two siblings a brother named Michael and an elder sister Tausha.  

He was born in Cedar Rapid. He started his acting career at a very young age. 

He moved to Los Angeles for his modeling career. He has also played in many tv series. 

He had also made investment in many technology startups. 

Diane Finnegan Kutcher daughter Ashton Kutcher
Diane Finnegan Kutcher daughter Ashton Kutcher  Source: Instagram

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