Who Is Diego Llorente's Wife? How Much Is His Net Worth?

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Who Is Diego Llorente's Wife? How Much Is His Net Worth?

Diego Llorente is a professional Spanish football player. 

He currently plays for the club Leeds United in the position of Centre Back. He has a brother named Jesus.

His parents raised him with his brother in Madrid, Spain. He is a Spanish citizen

Diego Llorente with his wife, Ana Lopez.
Diego Llorente with his wife, Ana Lopez. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Diego is a married man. The player happily got married to his long-time girlfriend, Ana.

They tied the knot in Segovia, Spain. He has a beautiful daughter with his wife, Ana.

Diego Llorente with his wife, Ana Lopez on their wedding day.
Diego Llorente with his wife, Ana Lopez on their wedding day. Source: Instagram
Family of Diego Llorente.
Family of Diego Llorente. Source: Instagram


Diego is 28 years old. His height is 1.86 m. 

Net Worth 

The net worth of Diego is 12.5 million euros. His source of income is playing football. 

Diego Llorente during the match.
Diego Llorente during the match. Source: Instagram

Diego Talked About His Club

Diego joined Leeds United in 2020 as a new sign-in. 

Playing for a team in Premier League was quite a deal for him, and from what he said in an interview, he felt proud. 

He had friends from his country in the team with whom he had spoken about the club and city.  

He also set a goal while coming to the team which he mentioned in an interview. 

He expressed that he wanted to help the team with his brilliant ability and game plays. 

Moreover, he revealed that he has a lot of energy within himself that he can utilize to play for the team for their betterment.

Diego Scored Like A Striker 

Diego plays in the position of center back and is good at defending balls. 

But what he is also good at is scoring goals. Although he is not a striker, he has scored some brilliant goals like strikers.

In a game against Watford, he scored a winning goal for his team, which was a fine finish. 

When asked about his goal, he revealed that he saw the open space and scoring change, and the shot was the goal. 

He said that it was his luck to score. 

Moreover, he expressed that he always tries to create a pass from the back as much as possible, but if he gets the chance, he doesn’t back off to score.

Diego Had A Difficult Game 

Diego and his team went against Manchester City club, which is one of the Premier League dominating clubs. 

It was a difficult game for Diego and his team, but they scored a goal. Still, they got a red card and were one man down. 

After the half, Diego revealed that the manager told them to get the ball in City’s half and try to gain possession. 

But Diego knew it would be difficult for him and the team to manage to hold the lead. 

As they expected, the City scored the goal, and the game was tied. But Diego didn’t give up, and neither did his team. 

They managed to get a goal back, and they finally won the match. 

Although they were not the dominating one on the pitch, they managed to win the match, which was something important, according to Diego

Joining Leeds Was An Easy Decision For Diego

Diego was brought up with the offer by Leeds United to be a new sign in 2020. He was offered to be the Centre Back of the team. 

He expressed that it was really an easy decision for Diego to come to Leeds United.

It is because he always wished to play in Premier League as there is great competition between teams which will help him grow and progress as a player. 

He also expressed that the club has one of the greatest coaches in the world, which made Diego even more clear to join the club.

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