Who Is Diogo Costa's Stunning Wife? What Is His Net Worth?

by Pragya Sun Oct 23 2022 Updated On Fri Oct 28 2022
Who Is Diogo Costa's Stunning Wife? What Is His Net Worth?

Diogo Costa is a professional football player. He currently plays for the Primeira Liga club Porto as a goalkeeper.

adorable couple
adorable couple Source: Instagram

He was born and raised by his parents in Rothrist, Switzerland. He has a brother named Jair Costa. 

He is a Portuguese-Swiss citizen by his nationality. 

Diogo Costa with hot girlfriend Catarina Machado
Diogo Costa with hot girlfriend Catarina Machado Source: Instagram

Who is Diogo married to?

Diogo is married to his longtime girlfriend, Catarina Machado. His wife is pregnant, and they are expecting a baby boy soon. 

Diogo opened up about his wife's pregnancy through his social media. 

Diogo Costa with his pregnant wife Catarina Machado
Diogo Costa with his pregnant wife Catarina Machado Source: Instagram

Age and Net Worth 

Diogo is 23 years old. The net worth of Diogo is estimated to be $1 Million to $6 Million. His source of income is a footballer. 

Diogo thanked god 

Diogo had never made any plans or thought anything about being a football player. 

He was born in Portugal, but his family moved to Porto when he was 7. So he was brought up in Porto

Diogo was interested in football, and since he was in Porto, he joined the academy club. 

He was not serious about football at the beginning, but as he kept on ascending, there was no looking back for him. 

He started his career at Porto, and all these years, he is still playing for the same team. 

Diogo really thanked God for the destiny that it had decided for him. 

He also has represented his country Portugal from under 16 to the date.

Diogo believes in the present, not future 

Diogo revealed in an interview that many players think of being successful in the future or being the greatest player in the future, which is good for them. 

But Diogo thinks quite differently. Diogo believes that thinking about the future or what he might achieve is not what he thinks. 

He expressed that he believes in the present. 

He believes in working hard in the present day as much as one can without thinking about the outcomes. 

He expressed that he works hard every day without thinking about the future because he knows that good will come to him if he works hard on a daily basis. 

He doesn’t have a big dream or desire. Diogo just wants to work hard and believe in the faith. 

Diogo finds it difficult to block Cristiano Ronaldo?

Diogo plays for the Portugal national team, and so does Cristiano Ronaldo.

Diogo has been training with Ronaldo for a very long time. 

After spending so much time with Ronaldo, Diogo expressed in an interview that Cristiano Ronaldo is someone who is very difficult to stop. 

The way he shoots the ball with such power and accuracy leaves the goalkeepers stunned. 

Diogo revealed that he was someone whose ball was very difficult to be blocked. 

It is an advantage for Diogo because he doesn’t have to defend him; instead, he can count on Ronaldo to score for the team, and he can do his job of maintaining a clean sheet.

Diogo is above average

Diogo is not just an average goalkeeper. Looking at his stats, he is one of the most capable goalkeepers in the world. 

Being the first-choice goalkeeper of the Porto FC and Portugal national team, he is the target of many clubs. 

Especially Manchester United, who has had eyes on the goalkeeper for a long time. 

The stats show that he is the goalkeeper with the most penalty saves in the history of Porto FC

With eight penalty saves, he has made history in his club. 

Not only club, but he has a 37 percentage of saves rate from the penalty spot, which is a great number, at least more than average. 

He has also had two of the most precious penalty saves for his National team, which really served the team in need.

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