Who Is Djibril Sow Hot Girlfriend? How Much Is His Net Worth?

by Manisha Wed Oct 19 2022 Updated On Fri Nov 11 2022
Who Is Djibril Sow Hot Girlfriend? How Much Is His Net Worth?

Djibril Sow is a Swiss footballer who plays for the Bundesliga club Eintracht Frankfurt and the national team Switzerland. 

His parents are Mohameth Sow and Ibrahima Sow. He has three sisters. He is the one son of his parents. He was born in Zurich

Djibril Sow with his daughter.
Djibril Sow with his daughter. Source: Instagram

Is Djibril Married?

Djibril is not married yet. However, he is in a relationship with a beautiful woman Melanie VonAllmen

She is from Jamaica. She lives with him in Germany. The couple has a daughter together.

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Djibril Sow with his partner.
Djibril Sow with his partner. Source: Instagram

Talked About How He Has Changed After Becoming A Father

After becoming a dad, he admitted he had become more patient as a person. He said he is happy to have her daughter by his side. 

He said that when he comes home after hard training, when his daughter smiles at him, it melts his heart. 

He said after his training sessions are over, he loves to play with his daughter. He said that having own blood gives a different meaning to life. 

He said when he gets a day off, his life revolves around her. He loves to talk to her, go walk and play with her. 

He said that he doesn't mind changing her nappies even though it is not pleasant for him. 

He said he would do anything for her daughter.


Djibril is 25 years old. He is 1.84 m tall. He weighs around 77 kg.

Net Worth

Djibril's net worth is estimated to be $1-5 million

Djibril Sow with the trophy.
Djibril Sow with the trophy. Source: Instagram

Djibril Is Very Close To His Sisters

Growing up, he had three sisters by his side. He was the youngest and only son of the family. 

He said that he was a very spoiled child. He said his three sisters was like a mother to him. 

He even said that he grew up having four mothers. 

He said because of the pandemic, he has not been able to meet them. He always keeps in contact with them. 

He said one of his sisters had a son recently, and he was waiting to meet him.

Sow Talked About Living In Frankfurt

Djibril signed a deal with Eintracht Frankfurt back in 2019.

He has been living with his girlfriend and daughter in Frankfurt since then. He said that he was surprised by the city. 

He said the skyline is beautiful in Frankfurt as he had never seen such a skyline in his home in Switzerland

He said the city is very clean, peaceful, and calm. Also, he likes his neighborhood too. 

He said he was enjoying his stay in the city with his daughter. 

He said his daughter was also born in Frankfurt and has become a Frankfurt girl. He said it was very relaxed and happy living in Frankfurt.

Djibril Is Very Particular When It Comes To His Clothes

He said that he usually wears his sweatpants in his training session. 

He said he also likes to be fashionable and loves having nice things to wear in his wardrobe. 

He said he is much into hoodies and T-shirts as he doesn’t like wearing formal clothes like suits and shirts. 

He said his wardrobe is filled with hoodies, sweatpants, and jeans. 

He said he doesn’t have suits and blazers in his wardrobe as he doesn't wear them. 

Not That Much Active On Instagram

In an interview, Djibril said he is not active on his Instagram like others. 

He said he doesn’t like to share everything with the public. He wants to keep his stuff low-key. He said he only posts football content. 

He said that he had been asked to be active on Instagram, but he refused it as he doesn’t like revealing too much and is not a fan of social media. 

He said he wants it to be his page and post the way he likes.

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