Dodie Levy-Fraser- Who Is Michael Landon Ex-Wife

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Dodie Levy-Fraser- Who Is Michael Landon Ex-Wife

Dodie Levy-Fraser is the late ex-wife of late American actor, filmmaker, and writer Michael Landon. 

Dodie was a Legal secretary. She was born to her parents in the year 1933 to his parents Victoria Dora Samarel Levy and Nissim Levy. 

She had her birthday on March 16. She was an American citizen by nationality. 

Married Life Of Dodie 

Dodie was married to her husband, Dr. Peter Lake. She got married to him back in 1971. They were happily married until Dodie’s death parted them in 1994.

Before her marriage with Peter, Dodie was married to Michael Landon. She met him in 1956, and shortly after falling in love, they tied the knot in the same year. 

Dodie and Michael had a son named Josh, who they adopted.

Also, Michael adopted Dodie’s son Mark, who was from her first husband’s side. Their marriage didn’t last long, as they divorced in 1962. 

Dodie Levy-Fraser with her ex-husband and their baby.
Dodie Levy-Fraser with her ex-husband and their baby. Source: Pinterest

Dodie Lost Her Son 

Dodie shared a son named Mark with his first husband. Her second husband, Michael, later adopted her son when Mark was 12 years old, and she gave him his surname. 

Mark bonded with his adoptive dad, chose the acting path like Michael, and worked on many movies. 

Sadly, Mark died at the age of 60. He was found dead at his West Hollywood home.

Age And Net Worth 

Dodie was 61 years old at the time of her death. She had a net worth of $500 thousand. Her source of income was legal services. 

Dodie’s Husband Had An Affair

Dodie’s marriage with Michael was very short-lived. They were only married for six years, and their marriage ended.

When she married Michael, he was at the starting phase of his career. They both were very young and as Michael struggled, he spent much of his time on the set of Bonanza. 

He met Lynn Noe on the show set and started dating her while he was still married to Dodie. 

Things didn’t work out between them, and Michael even claimed that the reason behind their marriage failure was them being too young. 

Dodie parted with her husband after she learned about the affair with Lynn Noe. 

Dodie’s Ex-Michael Made His Co-star Uncomfortable

Michael was one of the talented actors known for his role play in Little House on Prairie. 

He was one of the adored actors back in his days and had an excellent reputation in Hollywood. 

However, his co-star Karen Grassle talked about Michael in an interview and revealed that he wasn’t that good of a person.

She worked with him, and during their working career, when she was shooting a bedroom scene with Michael, he made her uncomfortable. 

It was a tiny bedroom, so they got stuck on the bed. The room was filled with the cast members trying to get the shot, and during that time, Michael started making dirty jokes about the female body. 

She didn’t like it but couldn’t say or speak anything because she was raised to be good and not react to anything. 

Dodie’s Ex-Husband’s Death 

Dodie’s ex-husband, Michael, was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer back in 1991. 

He was 54 years old when he was first diagnosed and was suggested for chemotherapy for his cancer treatment. 

Michael revealed about his cancer through a press conference and talked about his disease. 

He did go through small doses of chemotherapy but didn’t like the side effects caused by the therapy. 

The doctor told him that it was the only way for his treatment, but he got so scared of significant doses of chemotherapy that he denied going through it. 

He looked for other options, but there weren’t any. Without the chemo, cancer took his life within the same year he was diagnosed.

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