Who Is Doina Turcanu? Stunning Girlfriend Of Stefan de Vrij

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Who Is Doina Turcanu? Stunning Girlfriend Of Stefan de Vrij

Doina Turcanu is the girlfriend of Dutch professional footballer Stefan de Vrij.

She is Interior Designer by her profession. She has her birthday on June 9th

She is currently living in Milan, Italy. She is an Italian citizen.

Doina Turcanu and Stefan de Vrij.
Doina Turcanu and Stefan de Vrij. Source: Instagram

About Her Love Life

Doina is not married yet, but she does have a boyfriend. She is currently in a relationship with Stefan de Vrij, a football player. 

They have been dating each other since 2017.

Doina met her love of life in 2017 in Rome. At that time Stefan was playing for the football club Lazio in Rome

They are open about their relationship and share many pictures on social media. 

Doina loves travelling with her partner and has shared their photos of travelling to beautiful places.

Doina Turcanu with her boyfriend, Stefan de Vrij.
Doina Turcanu with her boyfriend, Stefan de Vrij. Source: Instagram

Age and Net Worth 

Doina is 31 years old. The net worth of Doina is $200.000.

Her source of income is being an interior designer. 

Doina’s Boyfriend Went Through Surgery

Doina's boyfriend Stefan was still playing at his old club Lazio when he suffered a knee injury. 

He was injured during his international break while playing for Netherlands national team.

Unlike a normal injury, it was a serious one. He had multiple unsuccessful treatment attempts, and the injury just got worst. 

He was not able to play at his full potential. The injury grew so severe that he had to go through surgery. 

Fortunately, he didn’t have any complexity in the surgery. But because of that surgery, he had to stay away from football for almost a year. 

After a year, he joined Lazio to play in the league. It was a winning match, but he did take a few times to settle in again.

Stefan Had A Fight With His Coach

Stefan used to play for Feyenoord FC till 2014. Back then, the club was managed by Koeman, who was angry at the Dutch defender. 

Koeman was so angry that he removed Stefan from captaincy and gave it to another player. 

The reason was that Stefan arranged extra training sessions with players without even considering asking his coach.

It was keeping the risk of injury to the player, and as it was beyond Koeman’s plan, Stefan and Koeman had anger issues with each other. 

But as Koeman was managing the national team of the Netherlands, Stefan’s position on the team was taken as an issue. 

But as Koeman was looking for the best men, Stefan was one of them.

Stefan Refused To Play Against Inter Milan

Stefan was playing for Lazio, and the club had to go against Inter Milan for the final game of the Series A league

As it was an important match, Stefan was expected to be one of the essential players to play for Lazio.

But the defender refused to play against Inter Milan. Stefan was finalised to move to Inter Milan for the coming season, and all the deal was done. 

He was happy to play for Inter Milan and was a great club supporter. 

So he didn’t feel good about playing against his future team. 

Still, Lazio’s manager insisted on playing, and he finally played against Inter Milan.

He gave his best in the match, not thinking about anything other than winning.

Stefan Won The Case

Stefan was transferred to Inter Milan from Lazio through Sports Entertainment Group, who were the agents of the Dutch defender. 

But later, he found out that his agent was not just working on his behalf but had also worked not only made a deal with Inter Milan's side.

As an individual agent, SEG was not allowed to do anything without asking Stefan because it was his financial matter.

But since his agent hid things from him and did a duel deal, Stefan filed against the company. 

He won the case, and his agent company was fined £4.5 million. 

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