Who Is Dominic Brownlee? Father Of Sophia Grace

by Manisha Sat Jun 18 2022 Updated On Fri Sep 09 2022
Who Is Dominic Brownlee? Father Of Sophia Grace

Dominic Brownlee is the CEO of PinkSky Entertainment and works as a writer, producer and consultant in the music industry. 

He had two kids, Sophia Grace, a singer and Belle Milliana Brownlee. His wife is Carly Brownlee.

Family of Dominic Brownlee.
Family of Dominic Brownlee. Source: Instagram

Is Sophia Married?

Sophia is not married right now.

Dominic Brownlee's daughter Sophia Grace.
Dominic Brownlee's daughter Sophia Grace. Source: Instagram


His daughter Sophia is 19 years old.

Net Worth

His daughter's net worth is estimated to be $1 million. She has collected that sum of income from her singing career.

She rose to fame after her video went viral on the Internet. 

She earns chunks through the sponsored post, collaboration etc.

Dominic Brownlee with his wife Carly Brownlee.
Dominic Brownlee with his wife, Carly Brownlee. Source: Instagram

Sophia Spoke About Her Viral Video 

Sophia was eight years old when one of her videos went viral. 

She made the video with her cousin Rosie who was five years old. They were so little in that video. 

They wore pink dresses and crowns and sang Nicki Minaj's song 'Super Bass.' They performed that song. 

Dominic Brownlee with his daughter Sophia Grace.
Dominic Brownlee with his daughter Sophia Grace. Source: Instagram

That video got millions of views worldwide. When she was asked whether she still remembered that video or not. 

Sophie replied that she had a clear memory of it. 

She was very close to her cousin, and they did everything together, and everything they did came out naturally at that time, whereas Rosie has parts and bits of memory of that video as she was too young. 

After getting viral, they launched their show called Tea Time with Sophia & Rosie

They interviewed some big celebrities from the industry.

Sophie Loves Ellen DeGeneres

Sophie was invited to Ellen's show after her video with her cousin performing on Nicki Minaj's song broke the Internet. 

In an interview, Sophie revealed they had been in that show and filmed the segment with her more than 40 times. 

They loved being on that show every time. Sophie said that they feel like they have never left the show when they go to the show. 

After that show, they even got to be correspondents on the red carpet. 

They said they even called Ellen auntie as they were so close to her. 

Sophia And Rosie Are No Longer A Duo

Sophia and Rosie are cousins. They used to be very close to each other when they were kids. 

As time passed by, the duo had a big split. They chose to go on separately. 

In 2014 Sophia stopped making videos with Rosie and focused on her solo music career

They are on good terms with each other and are still close to one another, but they are not as close as they used to be. 

Sophia released her first-ever music video in 2015. But the music video did not feature Rosie, which was quite a surprise for fans. 

She released a couple of songs after that. 

Her songs were a big hit, and one of the songs even made it to Billboard Hot 100 chart

A couple of years later, Rosie also posted a video where she shared the letters she got from her best friends. 

But she did not mention Sophia's name in that video. 

They just parted ways, but they are family for life as they are cousins. 

Though they did not share any friendship bond, they are still close.

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