Dona Esmeralda Coutinho

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Dona Esmeralda Coutinho

Dona Esmeralda Coutinho is the mother of Brazilian professional footballer Philippe Coutinho

She is married to Ze Carlos Coutinho. She has three children with Ze Carlos

She is currently living in Brazil with her family. She is a Brazilian citizen by her nationality. 

Dona Esmeralda Countinho with her husband Ze Carlos Coutinho and grandchild
Dona Esmeralda Countinho with her husband Ze Carlos Coutinho and grandchild  Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Dona's Son Philippe Coutinho

Philippe is currently married to Aine Coutinho. The couple married each other back in 2012

They have three children, two daughters, and a son. They are very happy together. 

As of 2022, the couple has completed 10 years of married life together.

Philippe Coutinho with his wife Aine Countinho
Philippe Coutinho with his wife Aine Countinho  Source: Instagram

How Did Philippe Meet His Wife?

Philippe met his wife Aine back in 2007. The couple has known each other since their childhood. 

Their close mutual friend introduced them. After that, they started living together in the same house. 

They grew up together and started dating each other. 

They later lived separately for some time because of Philippe's career but later married each other.

Family of Philippe Coutinho
Family of Philippe Coutinho  Source: Instagram 

About Philippe Coutinho

Philippe is a Brazilian professional footballer born on 12 June 1992. His full name is Philippe Coutinho Correia.

He was born and raised by his parents in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His elder brothers were inspired him to play football as he saw them playing. 

He started his football career in 1999 by joining Vasco da Gama's team. 

As of 2022, he is one of the brilliant footballer. He currently plays for the team Aston Villa

Before joining that team, he played for team live Barcelona, Liverpool, and many more. 

He also plays in the national team of Brazil.

Dona Esmeralda Coutinho with her son Philippe Coutinho
Dona Esmeralda Coutinho with her son Philippe Coutinho  Source: Instagram


Philippe is 29 years old. 

Net worth 

The net worth of Philippe is $60 Million. His source of income is playing football.

His salary is 8.58 million euros as of 2021. 

Coutinho Underwent Through Surgery

Dona's son Philippe got injured in the match against Eibar. It was not a normal injury for him as he needed to get a surgery. 

He went missing for three months as he was on rest. After three months of rest, he did come back, but his knee was not all right. 

His knee started swelling, and he couldn't play. 

He was needed in the team for an important match against their biggest rival, Real Madrid, but it seemed that he needed rest.

He underwent surgery and recovered after that.

Philippe Coutinho Faced Robbery

Philippe had a rough day in Barcelona for his first season. He lived in a house that his teammate Suarez had searched for him. 

He was off from his games and went to dinner on Monday night. That day he already had a bad start as authorities pulled off his car. 

Afterwards he went to dinner and had a great time there, so he was getting over his car incident and faced another problem when he reached home. 

Some thieves raided his house and his house glass was broken. He immediately reported to the police after that happened.

Dona Esmeralda Coutinho with her grandchildren
Dona Esmeralda Coutinho with her grandchildren  Source: Instagram

Coutinho Missed Matches Due To COVID

As COVID can't be ignore, players also take precautions and are not allowed to play if they test positive. 

Philippe also missed many matches due to the same virus. At the end of 2021, Philippe was tested positive with that virus. 

He was not the only one on the team to suffer the virus. Many of his teammates were also the victim of the virus. 

Those were important players for the team; hence Barcelona had a player crisis for matches.

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