Who Is Donald Moore? Father Of Mandy Moore

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Who Is Donald Moore? Father Of Mandy Moore

Donald Moore is the father of American singer, actor, and songwriter Mandy Moore. Donald himself was an airline pilot who retired at the age of 65.

He was married to his ex-wife, Stacy Moore, and shared four children with her. 

He is currently 67 years old. He is an American citizen by his nationality. 

Donald Moore's wife and their daughter.
Donald Moore's wife and their daughter. Source: Instagram

Donald Got To Fly With Her Daughter

Donald worked as an airline pilot for 42 years, and after 42 years, he finally retired. 

During the 40 years of his life, he never got a chance to fly with her daughter Mandy, so her daughter planned to fly with him. 

Mandy revealed that Donald flew Triple Seven, so he always flew from LA to London and LA to Tokyo, and after so many years, his daughter finally managed to fly back with him. 

Unfortunately, the first experience on her dad’s flight turned awkward because her stepmom was a flight attendant, and she kept asking Mandy for drinks and food. 

She didn’t want to give orders to her, so she didn’t eat or drink during the whole flight.

About Donald’s Daughter Mandy 

Mandy is a professional actor, singer, and songwriter

She is well known for her albums Mandy Moore, Coverage, and In Real Life.

Also, she is famous for her role play as Rebecca in the drama series This Is Us. 

She was born in 1984 and had her birthday on April 10

She grew up with her three siblings, Carly Craig, Kyle Moore, and Scott Moore.

Married life of Mandy 

Mandy is currently married to her husband, Taylor Goldsmith

She met Taylor back in 2015 on Instagram, and they started talking to each other. 

They got close very quickly, and shortly after getting to know each other, they started dating. 

They got engaged in 2017, and a year later, they happily tied the knot. 

As of 2023, the couples are parents to two sons. 

Before her marriage with Taylor, she was married to Ryan Adams

She and Ryan dated in 2008, and just a year after dating, they got hitched. 

Sadly, their marriage was short-lived as the couple ended up filing for divorce in 2015, which was finalized in 2016

Family of Mandy Moore.
Family of Mandy Moore. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth

Mandy is 39 years old. She has a net worth of $23 Million. Her source of income is singing

Mandy Vomited After Reading The Script

Mandy gave an interview to Jimmy Fallon’s talk show where she talked about the finale season of her series This Is Us

She was part of the show from the beginning and had a great time being with her cast members and playing the show. 

In 2022, the final season was aired, and Mandy shared that it was hard for her to say goodbye to the character, her on-screen family, and everything. 

In the final season, there were lots of twists, like Jack and Milo dying, and with everything going on, she felt sick and vomited after reading the script of episode Penultimate.

She said that the second last episode of the finale knocked her down and that she was sure it would give the same feeling to the audience. 

However, Mandy assured me that the last episode was excellent and humorous. 

Mandy Is Ready For Third Child

Mandy is currently a mother of two beautiful children. 

She welcomed her first son, August, in 2022 and her second son, Oscar, just a year after. 

She spent many years making a music career, but now she is enjoying a whole new phase of motherhood.

Mandy said she loves watching her children grow up and fit into the world. 

Her kids have started attending school, and she loves hearing them talk about their school and teachers. 

Also, both of her sons have a great bond with each other, and she loves seeing the sibling's love in them. 

Mandy grew up with three siblings, so before having children, she decided she wanted her baby to have siblings, too. 

She also revealed that she is ready for a third baby, but her husband thinks she is crazy for now. 

Her Ex-Husband abused Mandy 

Mandy’s marriage with her ex, Ryan Adams, lasted seven years. 

They got divorced in 2016, stating irreconcilable different reasons behind their divorce. 

A few years after the divorce, Mandy revealed the truth about her marriage with Ryan

She claimed that Ryan was emotionally abusive, manipulative, and a control freak. 

According to Mandy, Ryan, a musician, she tried to control her music career. 

Additionally, Ryan also demotivated Mandy, telling them she wasn’t a musician because she couldn’t play any instrument. 

Everything that Ryan did drained her emotionally, which made her lose herself. 

After Mandy’s revelation, many other women came up with stories of Ryan being manipulative and how he ruined their lives. 

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