Donald Wade Basinger

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Donald Wade Basinger

Donald Wade Basinger is the father of an American actress, singer and former fashion model Kim Basinger.

He is married to Ann Lee, a model, actress and swimmer. Donald himself was a musician

He was also a loan manager in the US army. He had five children. He was American.

Donald with his wife
Donald with his wife  Source: Instagram

Relationship Status Of Kim Basinger

Kim was in a relationship with Tim Saunder. She also dated Joe Namath when she was out of the spotlight. 

Later in 1980, she got married to Ron Synder-Britton, a makeup artist. 

Her husband changed his surname to Basinger as Kim asked him to do. They both got separated in 1989 and ended their marriage. 

Kim also paid $9000 alimony to her ex-husband monthly.

Later she started dating Jon Peters. Kim got married for the second time in 1993 to Alec Baldwin

They met each other three years before their marriage. They also have a daughter together named Ireland Ellesse

They got separated after seven years of their marriage and finally divorced after two years of separation. 

Currently, she is in a relationship with Mitchell Stone. They have been dating each other since 2014 and living together.

About Kim Basinger

Kim's full name is Kamila Ann Basinger is an American actress, singer and former fashion model born on December 8, 1953

She is the daughter of Ann and Donald Basinger. Her parents raised her with her four siblings. 

She started her acting career when she was too young. She has appeared in many movies. 

She gained popularity after her role in Never Say Never Again

She has also won the award, including Best Supporting Actress and Academy Award for her performances in movies. 

Donald Wade Basinger daughter Kim Basinger
Donald Wade Basinger daughter Kim Basinger   Source: Instagram

Kim Got Offended By Her Daughter's Post. 

Kim's daughter posted a picture of her on Instagram in which she was not wearing proper clothes Instagram doesn't let anybody post naked photos. 

Her daughter had worn little clothes in that post. 

She has also captioned that photo saying that she's the type of woman that every man will love to have and take her home.  

As a mother, Kim was not happy to see her daughter publicly posting such photos. She was very offended. 

She commented on the photo, saying that no mother would prefer taking home to such a girl. 

Being her mom, Kim wouldn't accept her daughter that way. 


Donald's daughter Kim is 67 years old. 

Net Worth

The net worth of Kim is $40 Million. Her source of income is acting and singing. 

Her yearly income is estimated at $6.67 Million per year. 

Kim Had A Messy Divorce With Her Ex-Husband

Kim and her second husband have a daughter together named Ireland

They both got divorced after the birth of their daughter and were fighting for their daughter's custody. 

Kim opened up that things between her and her ex-husband Alec are quite good now. But in the past, it's not like that. 

They fought for the custody of their daughter. Their daughter Ireland went through a lot during their divorce. 

It was so much pressure and harsh on that little girl to face that thing. 

Kim's ex-husband also wrote a book related to fatherhood and divorce and expressed how its impact has been there in his whole life. 

He also talked rudely with his daughter, which got viral. Because of that, he was also forced to take parenting classes and therapy. 

Everyone knew their nasty divorce. And they had to face a very hard time.

Kim's Daughter Injured While Babysitting

Kim's daughter Ireland Baldwin shared a photo of her in which she was covered with blood. 

Her nose was injured, and it was bleeding. It was known that Kim's daughter Ireland took the responsibility of two 7-year-old boys. 

She was just there looking after those kids. Although she had just babysat them for only 45 minutes, they got her injured. 

It was not a severe injury, but she learned how difficult it was to look after little kids. 

She shared a photo in her social media writing that she was babysitting kids and got harmed her. 

She experienced how hard it is to handle kids. 

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