Who Is Donna Brollier? Mother Of Corey Kent

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Donna Brollier is the mother of American country singer Corey Kent. She was married to Kevin White

She shares three children, two sons and a daughter. She is an American citizen of her nationality. 

Donna Got Emotional Listening To Her Son’s Song

Donna’s son is a mother to country singer Corey. She raised her children as a single mom. 

Her husband was not around them, and because of that, she went through a lot to give everything to her children. 

Her son Corey wrote a song titled Man of the House, getting inspired by his childhood and what Donna went through all over the year. 

As Donna’s husband was not around, her son Corey had to take responsibility for many things at a very young age. 

When Corey came up with the song, Donna called him, and she got emotional. 

Her voice showed Corey how proud she is as a mom of Corey’s achievements.

Donna Brollier's son, Corey Kent.
Donna Brollier's son, Corey Kent. Source: Instagram

About Donna’s Son Corey

Corey is a professional country singer and songwriter. He is known for his song Wild as Her

He was born in 1994 and has her birthday on June 21

His parents raised him with a brother and a sister.

Married Life Of Corey

Corey is married to his wife, Dayna Lou White

They have been married to each other since 2017. They have three children together: two daughters and a son. 

Their daughter’s names are Steeve Grace and Capri, and their son is Canyon Kent. He is happily living with his family in Dallas

Family of Corey Kent.
Family of Corey Kent. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Her son Corey is 29 years old. He has a net worth of $1 to $5 Million. His source of income is music

Cody Couldn’t Believe His Song Being Hit 

Cody’s new song Wild as Her has received immense love from the fans. 

His song was the number-one hit on the radio, and when he knew about it being in the top five, he couldn’t believe it. 

It was a surreal but very proud big moment for him. 

Cody started his music journey a few years ago, and within a very short time, he achieved great success. 

His reaction to his song getting hit was priceless. 

He doesn’t know how other people get used to the success thing, but for him, it was surreal. 

Two years back, he was working in a pavement Company, and now, with his new song, his childhood dream of being on the radio finally came true. 

So much happened in such less time, which he didn’t expect, and because of that, it was a surprising and surreal moment for him.

Corey Struggled To Be Country Singer

Corey started his music journey when he was very young. 

He developed his musical interest when he was just a kid, and at a very young age, he became part of the Western Swing band. 

e learned a lot about live music when he got into the band and got a chance to do an opening for legendary country music stars. 

But sadly, his band broke, and he had to choose between starting his solo career or going back to living an everyday life. 

However, his passion for music made him choose the hard way, and that was making his solo career. 

He struggled a lot and worked hard to make it happen. 

He slept in a car, crashed at his friend’s house, and worked jobs to move to Tennessee and start his country singer journey. 

Garth Inspired Corey 

In an interview with The Nash News, Corey talked about his inspiration. 

He was born and raised by his parents in Oklahoma, and growing up in Oklahoma, he got familiar with country music at a young age. 

He recalled his childhood memory and said that Garth Books’ was top-rated in his household. 

He started listening to him at an early age. 

He doesn’t remember the exact details, but he remembers watching a massive TV in his house where he saw Garth’s live performance. 

There were thousands of people shouting his name, and as Garth was also from Oklahoma, where Corey belongs, he got inspired. 

Garth made his music journey from Oklahoma to a point where he achieved lots of success, which made him feel that he could do that, too.

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