Donna Underwood

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Donna Underwood

Donna Underwood is the mother of a former professional football player and media personality Colton Underwood. 

Graduated from Illinois

Donna was born and brought up in Indianapolis, Indiana. After graduating high school, she studied at Illinois University.

She was an athlete. She played Volleyball for her college team. She was a captain and regarded as an important player in her college team. 

After completing college, she started her career as a real estate agent. She is also a homemaker. 

Married a Footballer

Donna was married to a man named Scott Underwood. They met back in college. 

Scott also graduated from Illinois University. He was a football player for his college team. 

Scott works as an insurance agent. Like Donna, he also did extremely well in sports during his college days. 

After few months of dating, they fell in love with each other. After graduating from college, Donna got pregnant with their first child. 

They named him Colton. He was born on January 26, 1992. Donna was only twenty-four years old when she was pregnant. 

Donna and Scott got married after Colton was born.

Donna’s son also attended the same high school as his father. They both went to Washington Community High School. 

After graduating from high school, he followed in his father’s footsteps to play college football for the Redbirds

Donna’s ex-husband and son
Donna’s ex-husband and son  Source: Pinterest

Broken Marriage

Donna and Scott were college sweethearts. They started dating young. 

They even started a family when they were just young adults. Rumors say that this might be the reason for their marriage not working out. 

They got separated legally and started co-parenting their child, Colton

Even though they were divorced, they managed to stay good friends for the sake of their son. 

Colton also mentioned in an interview that his parents have respect for each other and are comfortable. 

Donna and Scott are cordial and come together in the best interests of their son throughout his whole journey. 

Donna and Scott are just friends now. They both have moved on and remarried. 

They are entirely indifferent places and happy with different individuals. 

Donna Underwood son Colton Underwood
Donna Underwood son Colton Underwood  Source: Instagram

Relationship with Son

Donna is close to her only son. Colton said that his mom is always the one to hear it first whenever there is something important to tell. 

When Colton came out as gay, Donna was the first one to know. Donna also supported her son wholeheartedly.

Colton said he had prioritized the relationship he maintains with his mother. 

He mentioned in an interview that after coming out as a gay man, his mother’s support is more integral than ever. 

He has also expressed his love for his mom through Instagram posts. He posted a picture and captioned it, thanking her for all the love and support she has given and shown to him. 

Donna is super protective when it comes to her son. She had also appeared on The Bachelorette show in Colton’s season. 

She met Colton’s ex-girlfriend Hannah Brown on the reality show and asked her multiple questions if she could keep him happy or not. 

After watching the episode, fans had whole discussions about Colton’s mom being overprotective. 

Donna with her son
Donna with her son   Source: Instagram

Net Worth

The net worth of Donna has not been disclosed. 

She works as a real estate agent, so the estimated earnings of Donna are around seventy-three thousand four hundred and fifty dollars per year.

The net worth of her son is given below:

Net WorthSources
$1 millionFormer football player, the reality star

Age, Height, and Weight

  1. Donna’s age, height, and weight have not been disclosed.
  2. Her nationality is American.
  3. Her ancestors are from Italy.
  4. She is a Roman Catholic.

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