Who Is Dorothy Rose? Mother Of Amber Rose

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Who Is Dorothy Rose? Mother Of Amber Rose

Dorothy Rose is the mother of Amber Rose, an American model, rapper, and television personality. 

Her husband is Michael Leonchuck.

Dorothy Rose with her ex-husband and grandson.
Dorothy Rose with her ex-husband and grandson. Source: Instagram

Being A Supportive Mom

Her daughter, Amber, was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on October 21, 1983. 

Dorothy is Cape Verdean-Scottish, and her husband, Michael, is of Irish Italian heritage.

This mix of cultures influenced Amber’s unique beauty worldwide. 

Dorothy has a rich background blending African and European cultures, shaping Amber’s pride in her diverse heritage. 

Michael has Irish and Italian roots. Dorothy got divorced when Amber was young, which led to challenges. 

At the age of 15, Amber started stripping to support her family. 

Dorothy is not just a mother but a constant support in Amber’s life. 

They share a strong bond attending events together, and Dorothy supports Amber’s thoughts like the Amber SlutWalk

Their relationship has faced challenges, including public accusations from Amber about her mother being a narcissist. 

Despite ups and downs, their bond remains complex yet loving, and Amber once said, “Family is complicated, but love always finds a way.”  

Amber's father, Michael, remarried, and she has half-siblings from her father’s side. 

Dorothy Rose and her daughter, Amber Rose.
Dorothy Rose and her daughter, Amber Rose. Source: Instagram


Dorothy might be in her 60s

Net Worth

As an American model, rapper, and television personality, Dorothy's daughter Amber's net worth is about $12 million.

Amber Comments On Taylor Swift And Kanye West's Controversial Moment

Amber is a well-known figure associated with controversies. 

She gained attention during the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards when her then-boyfriend Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech. 

Despite the chaos, Amber understands Kanye’s mistake but believes he had a point about Beyonce deserving the award. 

Before the Kanye incident, Amber was a successful model and ventured into music, collaborating with industry leaders. 

Her relationship with Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa has often made headlines by exploring the personal side of her life. 

Amber is more than a celebrity. She has a business side with an eyewear line and an emoji app showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit. 

In 2012, she entered the music scene with her debut single, showcasing her rap skills in collaborations. 

Beyond the glamour, Amber is an advocate for women’s rights leading the SlutWalk movement. 

This reflects a different side of her beyond the typical celebrity image. 

Dorothy Rose's daughter, Amber Rose.
Dorothy Rose's daughter, Amber Rose. Source: Instagram

Amber Is Happy Being Single

Amber is excellent at being single and doesn't worry about it. 

She likes having the freedom to do what she wants. 

She thinks relationships can be harmful, and people should leave if things are not good. 

Some guys want to be with her, but she is happy being single. 

Amber feels that society sometimes judges single women but believes it is not their fault. 

She talks about being happy with herself. And does not prefer to be in a compromised relationship. 

She also thinks men will do what they want no matter what women do. 

Amber talked about her past struggles as a woman. She shared that she used to be addicted to sex. 

She was using it as a way to cope with her emotional pain. Being single now gives her the space to reflect on her life. 

She values connecting with people emotionally or intellectually rather than just focusing on physical relationships. 

Amber believes that women desire connections beyond just physical relationships, even if they are looking for a physical relationship. 

This approach has worked for her, helping her form meaningful connections with people. 

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