Dot Cunningham- Tragedy Of Walter Cunningham Wife

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Dot Cunningham- Tragedy Of Walter Cunningham Wife

Dot Cunningham is the wife of the late American astronaut, fighter pilot, physicist, entrepreneur, and author Walter Cunningham. 

She is a retired Houston businesswoman. She is an American citizen. 

About Dot's Late Husband Walter 

Walter was an astronaut, fighter pilot, physicist, entrepreneur, and author. 

Walter was the last surviving crew of Apollo 7. He was born in the year 1932 in Houston, Texas

His full name is Ronnie Walter Cunningham. He was born in Creston, United States. Walter died at home on January 3, 2023. 

Dot Cunningham's husband, Walter Cunningham.
Dot Cunningham's husband, Walter Cunningham. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Walter was married two times. His first marriage was with Lo Ella Irby. 

Walter shared two children, a son, and a daughter, with his ex-wife Ella.

Their children's names are Brian Cunningham and Kimberley Cunningham.

His second marriage was with Dot. They were married for a long time till Walter's death. 

Dot Cunningham with her husband, Walter Cunningham.
Dot Cunningham with her husband, Walter Cunningham. Source: Pinterest

Age And Net Worth 

Her late husband, Walter, was 90 years old at the time of his death. He had a net worth of $5 Million.

Dot Is Involved In A Charity Organisation.

Dot was having dinner with her husband in the fundraiser program organized by Be An Angel non-profitable organization

Dan Patrick, a state senator then, also joined them at the dinner. 

He then described how the organization is helping disabled children and helping them to gain their everyday life. 

It pleased Dot and overwhelmed her heart. So she couldn’t stop linking with the organization and helping needy children. 

After being linked with the organization, she heard about a deaf child who started to attend because of the help of Be An Angel foundation

She was so proud and happy, and since then, she has never left to hand help that organization.

Walter Was Discriminated As A Child

According to the book written by Walter’s father, “Kill a Mockingbird,” it was stated that Walter was discriminated in his childhood. 

He was a great kid who was proud of what he had despite all the poverty he was suffering. 

But the society and people around him, even his friends, consistently discriminated against him because of their financial differences. 

Walter didn’t even have fees to afford education. Still, he was good at education. But leaving his good sides, people around him always made him feel low because of his money. 

Walter Was Assigned To Apollo 2

Walter is mainly known for flying the Apollo 7 aircraft and landing on the moon for the first time in the history of this world. 

It was a proud moment for him and his country. But before Apollo 7 was made and launched, he was set to go to Apollo 2.

But while launching Apollo 1 as a test rocket, it got destroyed along with the navigation system. 

So it was not possible for the completion of the Apollo 2 project. Moreover, it was risky as NASA had already lost an astronaut in Apollo 1 launch. 

According to Walter, a most advanced version of Apollo 1 was going to be made, and in the process, all six Apollo were tested, and the seventh version was designed and constructed.

Walter Was Ready To Risk His Life

Walter and many other astronomers were the ones that flew Apollo 7 into the earth’s orbit and made history. 

But it was not as simple as it sounds, as their life was on the line. 

All astronomers involved in the project knew the price they had to pay if anything went wrong. 

Still, Walter described that every one of the astronomers had a brilliantly great attitude. 

It made things easier. Moreover, during the project, NASA and North America were ready to listen to them and make changes for their safety and the rocket they would be in. 

So the rocket was 101% safe, according to Walter.

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