Who Is Dough Looney? Father Of Kevon Looney

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Who Is Dough Looney? Father Of Kevon Looney

Dough Looney is the father of professional basketball player Kevon Looney who currently plays for the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association

He is married to Victory Looney, who is a phenomenal singer. They are parents to their three kids, Kevon being the youngest. 

Kevon inherited his athletic skills from his father, as Dough played basketball in college but never made it to the professional league. 

Also, his mother played during her college days. 

Dough worked as a counselor at a residential treatment center and full-time in social services to ensure his family could have a good life. 

Dough Looney with his wife and son.
Dough Looney with his wife and son. Source: Instagram

How Did Dough Meet His Wife?

Kevon's father and mom have a beautiful love story. Dough fell for his future wife the minute he saw her. 

Victoria wanted to be independent when she turned 21, and she applied for a job at a retail clothing store that sold branded gear at discounted prices. 

The owner of the shop was none other than his father, Dough. He was mesmerized by Victoria's beauty. 

He hired her for the job without looking at her application or asking her anything. 

Soon after, they started dating each other and worked as a couple. Dough didn’t wait any longer and proposed to her afterward. 

Dough Looney with his wife on their wedding day.
Dough Looney with his wife on their wedding day. Source: Instagram


His son Kevon is 27 years old.

Net Worth

His son Kevon's net worth is estimated to be $ 3 million. 

Kevon's Mother Chose Her Family Over Her Career

Kevon's mom Victoria started singing when she was in elementary school. 

After marrying Dough, she built a family with him in Milwaukee

She didn’t have a music manager or agent at that time who would help her to grab good opportunities. 

Things would have been different if she had moved to Chicago or Los Angeles to chase her singing dreams. 

But she chose her family, and there was no way that she would have left them behind for music.

Kevon Is Close To His Siblings

Kevon has two siblings older than him. He has a brother named Kevin Looney and a sister Summer Looney

Kevon shared that he has got a good relationship with his siblings. He said they all got along with each other since they were kids. 

He added he always looks up to them and asks for their advice whenever he is going through hard times. 

He always calls them, and they always help and listen to him. 

He said his parents have always supported him, but he also has a brother and sister to talk to and share things with. 

He said that they have always been his rock. His brother and sister were with him when he was facing a lot of pressure when pursuing his career. 

He called them his role models. He shared that they also point out the wrong things he does. He said his siblings have the most significant influence in his life. 

Kevon Learn To Work Hard From His Parents

Kevon has seen the hard work his parents had put on over the years to give them a better life and future.

He said he had also seen his father working hard all his life, no matter his situation. 

He added that it had significantly impacted his personal and professional life. He said he learned to work hard from him. 

He learned to be calm from his mother. He said his parents were quiet even when they were going through a lot of hardship. 

So he learns to be calm in adversity, work hard, and believe in God.

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