Who Is Dr. John W. Kelley? Father Of Charles Kelley

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Who Is Dr. John W. Kelley? Father Of Charles Kelley

Dr. John W. Kelley is the father of American musician Charles Kelley. John himself is a cardiologist by profession. 

He is married to his wife, Gayle Kelley. He shares three sons with his wife; John, Josh, and Charles.

He is an American citizen by nationality.

Dr. John W. Kelley's wife and their son, Josh.
Dr. John W. Kelley's wife and their son, Josh. Source: Instagram

About John’s Son Charles

Charles is a musician. He is well known for being a member of the American country music group Lady A.

He has been part of Lady A since 2006. Charles was born in 1981 and has his birthday on September 11

He has two brothers, John and Josh

Dr. John W. Kelley with his son, Charles Kelley.
Dr. John W. Kelley with his son, Charles Kelley. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Charles

Charles is married to his wife, Cassie McConnell.

Charles met Cassie in 2005 at a dinner party. They started dating in the same year shortly after knowing each other. 

After that, they dated for a while but later broke up in 2008. However, they reunited again, and they got engaged in Christmas of 2008.

They tied the knot 2009 in a courthouse and later went to the Bahamas for their destination wedding. 

As of now, they share a son named Ward. They welcomed their baby back in 2016

Family of Charles Kelley. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

John's son Charles is 42 years old. He has a net worth of $25 Million

Charles Was An Alcoholic

Charles opened up that he was an alcoholic and was so addicted to alcohol that it was affecting his relationship with his child and wife. 

Dave and Hillary, his band members, knew about his alcohol addiction and sat him down to leave it, but he didn’t. 

He tried getting sober but didn’t show as much effort as he did when he knew about his son being affected by it. 

His wife told him that their son notices when Charles comes home drunk, but Charles never realized that his son knew about his drinking until his wife told him. 

He felt evil, as his alcohol habit was affecting his family. He knew he had to stop drinking, so he went to rehab. 

Back in the day, he was suggested by many therapists to go to rehab, but he was so scared that he didn’t. This time, he thought about it and made more efforts to leave alcohol behind, which worked. 

Charles Worries About His Son 

Charles and his wife Cassie share a beautiful son, Ward, together. 

In the interview with People, Charles and his wife they talked about their concern for their child. 

Charles and his wife can give their son more than they ever got in their life. 

They go on traveling with their son Ward and feel so lucky that their son can see the world with them. 

He feels grateful for that. However, he does feel concerned about Ward getting unseen because of Charles's fame. 

They want their son to have his own life, choose his life, and not try to compete with what Charles has. 

They don’t want Ward trying to get fame or success just because Charles has. 

Both parents want their son to be who he wants to be as an individual.

Charles's Marriage Nearly Ended

Charles's alcohol nearly ended his marriage with Cassie. The duo went on a vacation in Greece, where they got into a fight. 

They were pissed at each other, and Charles was so angry that he left his wife and went outside. 

He didn’t tell Cassie where he was going and even turned off his cell. 

He was tired of listening to others telling him what to do, so he went outside and started drinking alcohol with some strangers. 

Cassie tried calling him and was so worried that she didn’t even sleep the whole night. 

When Charles woke up the following day, he returned and decided to go to rehab. 

But his wife was so done with him that she decided to get a divorce from him. Luckily, his wife didn’t, and he got saved from losing his wife and son.

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