Who Is Draymond Jamal Green? Son Of Draymond Green

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Who Is Draymond Jamal Green? Son Of Draymond Green

Draymond Jamal Green is a celebrity child. His father, Draymond Green, is a professional NBA player.

He plays for Golden State Warriors. His mother is Jelissa Hardy. His grandparents are Wallace Davis and Mary Babers.

Draymond Jamal Green's mother Jelissa Hardy.
Draymond Jamal Green's mother, Jelissa Hardy. Source: Pinterest

Is Draymond Married?

Draymond is engaged to Hazel Renee. She is an actress and singer by profession. 

They met each other when both were facing hard times in their life. 

They connected instantly and became friends. Later their friendship turned into a romantic relationship. 

Draymond proposed to Renne in 2019, a day before Valentine's Day. He planned a very lavish proposal for her. 

He proposed to her with a $300k diamond ring. But they have not tied a knot yet. 

The basketball player is all set to make Renne his wife. 

Both of them have children from their previous relationships. They are raising their child together. 

They were blessed with their first child in 2020. The two share a very strong bond. 

Draymond Green with his partner Hazel Renee.
Draymond Green with his partner Hazel Renee. Source: Instagram


Draymond was born in 2016, and his current age is five years old.

Net worth

Draymond's father has a net worth estimated to be $60 million.

He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as a professional basketball player.

Draymond Jamal Green with his father Draymond Green.
Draymond Jamal Green with his father, Draymond Green. Source: Instagram

Draymond Discussed His Relationship With Steph Curry And Klay Thompson

In an interview with NBA Today, Draymond described his relationship with his fellow player Steph and Klay, which they have built over the years. 

He appreciates both of them. He loves what Steph brings to the game and encourages him to be a better player. 

They get motivated by each other's work. 

He said that what they are capable of and does not care whether people believe in them or not.  

They believe in themselves, and that matters the most. They love proving people wrong. 

Even if they do, there is always someone to critique them. 

He said that the bond they have built over the years is unstoppable and unbreakable. 

He said that they make each other believe that they will be number one no matter what. 

He said that even if he got injured, he returned stronger than ever. 

Draymond Talked About His Podcast' The Draymond Green Show.'

In an interview, Draymond talks about his challenges while doing his podcast. 

He revealed that the main challenge he faced was scheduling. He has done like nine episodes in his podcast. 

He shared that everyone has a crazy schedule, and it is hard to schedule everything. 

It was difficult for him to conduct his weekly podcast as he had to chase a guy for more than three weeks. 

The motivation behind his podcast was he could ask a person whatever he wanted and thoroughly discuss that topic without any restriction. 

He shared a story that he got slain for a question he asked a person. 

In Tv shows, people have to keep in mind what they should say or not and how long they should talk. 

He likes to speak about things openly without any restriction. 

He said that he is curious and loves to ask millions of questions until he gets the answer. 

So he came up with an idea for a podcast. 

He shared that he watched a bunch of interviews with the person he invited to his podcast. 

He observes how the interview is conducted and how the person answers the question. 

He admitted that he was not good at hosting an interview, but later, he tried to improve. 

One thing he learned from his podcast is that being a good interviewee does not mean that he can become a good interviewer.

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