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Duff Badgley is the father of American actor Penn Badgley. He is married to Lynne Murphy Badgley.

Duff used to be a newspaper reporter, carpenter and home builder. He has only one son with Lynne. His nationality is American.

Duff's son Penn
Duff's son Penn  Source: Instagram

Relationship Status Of Penn Badgley 

Penn dated Blake Lively previously. They met for the first time on the set of Gossip Girl and co-starred on that show. 

They started dating in 2007. They stayed as a couple for three years, and after that, they ended their relationship.

A year after his separation from Blake, he started dating Zoe Kravitz, an actress

They dated in 2011, and after two years, they announced they were getting separated. 

He then got into a relationship with Domino Kirke and married her in 2017. They gave birth to their first child in 2020

As of 2021, they are still together. The couples have been together since 2014 and completed seven years of togetherness. 

They are happily living with their son.

Penn with his wife
Penn with his wife  Source: Instagram 

About Penn Badgley 

Penn is an American actor born on 1st November 1966. He is well known for role as Dan Humphery in Gossip Girl

He is the only son born to Duff and Lynne Badgley.  His parents raised him in Maryland, U.S. 

He has shown his presence in many series, dramas and movies. Some of his popular movies are The Stepfather, Easy A and Margin Call

Penn in his old days
Penn in his old days  Source: Instagram 


Penn is 34 years old. 

Net Worth 

The net worth of Penn is $8 Million. His source of income is acting. The yearly income of actors is estimated to be $40,860.

Duff Badgley's Son Is A Great Singer Too

Duff's son Penn might be known for his brilliant acting in series like "You,". Besides acting he is also good at singing. Singing was something that he was passionate about. 

He loves music and musical instrument. This is why he knows to play piano, guitar, bass, and other musical instruments, along with singing. 

What's more surprising is that he was not that passionate about acting like that of singing. 

He succeeded in acting and continued it. Otherwise, he would have been a singer in his band MOTHXR. His band has played music in many places and countries. 

Penn Badgley Rejected To Play As Joe In "You"

Penn has developed a lot of fan base through his work in the series You through his character Joe. He gained fame through his character in the series. 

But it would all have been just a dream if he had not decided to do the series. 

He first rejected to play the role of Joe in the series as it was such a dark role for him. 

It indeed was a challenging role for anyone. 

He was nowhere ready to do the role, but fortunately, he changed his mind in time, and now he has gained a lot of fame and name from his character as Joe.

Penn Believes In Justice

Penn is seen supporting different movement. This can be seen in his Instagram and other social media accounts as he is frequently speaking for the black lives matter movement from his side. 

Not only for black lives, but he also speaks for the LGBT community through his social media. 

He also influences many of his followers to share and do what they can regarding situations and show support to the people.

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