Who Is Du'mier Banks? Son Of Lil Durk

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Who Is Du'mier Banks? Son Of Lil Durk

Du'mier Banks is the son of American rapper and singer Lil Durk. He is his dad's fourth son and has five half-siblings. 

He is currently nine years old. He is African American.

About Dumier's Dad Durk 

Durk is a well-known American rapper. He was born to his parents, Donaty Banks and Big Durk, in Chicago, Illinois, US. 

He is famous for his mixtape series titled Signed to the Streets. His real name is Durk Derrick Banks. He is an American citizen by his nationality. 

Du'mier Banks's father, Lil Durk.
Du'mier Banks's father, Lil Durk. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Durk 

Durk is currently unmarried and single. But he was in a relationship until September 2022.

Durk was engaged to his long-time girlfriend, India Royale. They have been in an on-and-off relationship since 2017. 

Durk proposed to his girlfriend in his concert in Chicago in front of a considerable mass in December 2021. 

He and his ex-partner have a daughter together. They ended their relationship in September 2022. 

Durk Was Married

Back in 2008, Durk was married to Nicole Covone. The couple shared three children named Angelo, Bella, and Zayden. 

They stayed as husband and wife for five years, and in 2013, they got divorced. 

Durk also has a daughter from his past relationship with Tameka Kute. They dated for a short time and later ended their relationship.

Durk also has another son named Du'mier, who is nine years old but hasn't revealed his mother's name. 

Many assumed that Dej Loaf was Du'mier's mother as Durk was dating Dej Loaf at the time of Du'mier's birth.

Age And Net Worth 

Durk is 31 years old. Durk's net worth is $8 million. His source of income is rapping and singing

Durk Got Injured In Concert

Durk is a well-known rapper in the singing industry. He has earned huge fans because of his mix tapes and has done concerts in many places. 

Sadly, his concert in his hometown made him end up in hospital. Durk was performing at the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago, and during his performance, a smoke bomb went off his face. 

Because of that smoke bomb, his eyes got irritated. He was seen wiping off his eyes from his shirt, but he continued his performance. 

After the concert ended, the rapper went straight to the hospital and got an eye patch. 

He also announced taking a break from his rapping for a short time as he wanted to give his health more priority. 

He announced this news through his social media and said he finished his concert only for his fans who were there for him.

Durk Proposed India Because Of Low Sex Count

Durk proposed to his long-time on/off girlfriend, India Royale, in December 2021 in front of a massive crowd at his concert. 

They share a daughter, who was born in 2018. Their relationship didn’t last long, as they called a quit in September. 

In one of the interviews, when Durk was asked what he likes most about his fiancé, the rapper said that he likes India with a low body count. 

Because of the fewer sexual partners, the rapper proposed to her. 

Durk clearly said that he would never marry a woman who has been involved sexually with many men. 

Durk did mention that India was loyal and beautiful, but among these, Durk likes India because of the lower sex count.

Durk Is A Murder

In 2019, Durk was charged with a murder case. 

There was a shooting and murder incident that took place outside the Varsity restaurant, and a case against Durk and another rapper named King Von was filed. 

Durk was charged for having his involvement in that incident, and both the rapper was charged with criminal attempt and committing murder. 

The case ran for three years, and after three years, it was clear that Durk had no involvement in that whole issue. 

His lawyer, Marry Arora, said that the right decision was made.

The false accusation against Durk was over after three years, and his innocence was proved.

Durks's Dad Was Sentenced To Life Imprisonment

Durk's spent more than 25 years without his dad. His dad is known by the name Big Durk, and he got arrested when Durk was only seven months old.

Durk's dad was involved in criminal activity, which made him spend 25 years of his life in jail. 

Big Durk was taken into custody in 1993 after he was caught with crack cocaine. 

Big was not alone in this crime; the four other men were also taken into custody. 

In 1994, he was sentenced to life imprisonment as he was found guilty. Big had $8 Million, which got seized too. 

As his money was also seized, Lil Druk and his family struggled. They had to face a financial crisis after his dad was sent to prison. 

Durk's dad got released in 2019 after his dad appealed again after spending 22 years in prison.

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