Who Is Dutch Bon Young? Son Of Aden Young

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Dutch Bon Young is the son of Canadian-Australian actor Aden Young. His mother’s name is Loene Carmen

He grew up with his younger brother, Chester. He is an Australian citizen by nationality.

Parents of Dutch Bon Young.
Parents of Dutch Bon Young. Source: Pinterest

About Dutch’s Father Aden

His father, Aden, is an actor well known for his role as Daniel Holden in Sundance TV drama Rectify

Aden landed on his first-ever movie show, back in 1991. He played the role of Bruce Beresford in the movie Black Robe

He was born in the year 1971. His mom was a nurse, and his dad was a CBC broadcasters

Dutch Bon Young’s father, Aden Young.
Dutch Bon Young’s father, Aden Young. Source: Pinterest

Married Life Of Aden

Aden is married to his wife, Loene Carmen. He met Loene back in the 2000s and started dating her. 

Both kids, Dutch Bon and Chester Van, were born before their marriage. 

Aden and his wife decided they wouldn’t marry when they were dating because they thought marriage would complicate things. 

However, they changed their thoughts, and after dating Loene for over a decade, they finally exchanged their vows in 2014

They are living a happy life with their children.

Age And Net Worth 

Dutch Bon was born in 2007 and is currently 16 years old. His father's net worth is $8 Million.

Aden Gave Reasons Not To Watch His Show 

Aden is popularly known for his appearance in the 2013 series Rectify

He played in the series for three years and did fantastic work on it.

In the interview with People TV, Aden gave three reasons for people not to watch his show Rectify

He said that the series was a remarkable show, but that’s not for the people who aren’t interested in the extraordinary things. 

He also mentioned that the series has some excellent actors who gave their best to bring out the show's storyline and focused on their action, and people who aren’t fans of such things should not watch Rectify

Also, he said that people who have no interest in learning about the mystery that lasted for two decades and demolished so many people’s lives shown in the series could skip the show. 

Aden Thought Of Taking a Break From Acting 

Aden opened up about his decision to take a break from acting in an interview with Hollywood Reporter

The year when his old friend approached him with Rectify, he had already decided to quit acting. 

He was sure he wouldn’t do any movies or show that year. 

When his friend sent him the script, he denied her, saying he didn’t want the part. 

But his friend was not ready to hear his no, so she threatened to come to Thailand and kill Aden

She wanted Aden to be part of Rectify, so she sent him the second episode of the series. 

He read the story, and after a few days, he got really into it. 

He found it intriguing and wanted to participate, so he agreed to do the character. 

Aden Tried Taking A Break From Rectify

Aden’s character, Daniel, whom he played in the series Rectify, was a murderer who was on death row for 20 years

His character play was intense and depressing, and after he played the character, he knew about Daniel's experiences on his deathbed and everything he had gone through.

Aden found himself in a very emotional state where he understood people, life, and the good and bad things. 

He needed a break before returning to season 2 of the series, so he packed his stuff and moved to LA

However, he couldn't stay there long as he received a call from his friend that they needed him back, so he flew back to Australia again.

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