Dwayne Michael Turner

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Dwayne Michael Turner is the father of American rapper, record executive and entrepreneur Lil Wayne

He was married to Jacida Carter. Later, they separated. His ex-wife is a cook by profession. 

He has only one son, whom he abandoned when he was small. He is an American

Relationship Status Of Lil Wayne 

Lil was in a relationship with Toya Johnson. They fell in love when they were in high school. 

He and Toya gave birth to their first child when he was only 16. They were married for only two years. 

After that, he got into a relationship with Nivea in 2002, but they ended a year later. 

They again gave a chance to their relationship and got reunited in 2009, but later separated.

In 2014, Wayne dated Christina Milian. They kept their love affair private at the beginning. 

They had an affair for a year, and after that, they broke up. After that, he dated model La'Tecia Thomas

They were also engaged but later ended their relationship. Currently, he is dating Denise Bidot. They started dating in 2020

Lil with his mates
Lil with his mates  Source: Instagram 

About Lil Wayne 

Lil is an American rapper, record executive and entrepreneur born on September 27, 1982

His birth name is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr, but professionally he is known as Lil Wayne

He was born to Jacida Carter and Dwayne Micheal Turner

His father abandoned him when he was a kid, and after that, he was raised by his stepdad. He is a self-made person who struggled a lot. 

He is well known for his album The Block Is Hot. As a rapper, he has won millions of hearts and gained huge popularity. 

Dwayne's son Lil
Dwayne's son Lil  Source: Instagram 


Lil is 39 years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Lil is $150 Million. His source of income comes as being a rapper, record executive and entrepreneur. 

The average income of a rapper is $49,920 per year.

Lil Wayne Attempted Suicide

Lil has been rapping since his childhood and now is one of the best rapper in the world. 

He is always seen with a wound mark on his chest, and people often wonder what it was. Well, he didn't reveal it and told it was just an accident. 

But in 2018, he decided to open up about his wound as he thought it was time to reveal the truth. 

The mark was a bullet mark. He shot a gun to his chest, but luckily it was just a bit away from his heart, and he survived. He attempted suicide at the age of 12.

He used his mother's gun to attempt suicide. He did it because he was not allowed to rap by his mother. 

He wanted people to learn from it and avoid such foolishness. He revealed it to give a positive message to his audience.

Lil Wayne Injured His Head

Lil visits place to place for the concerts. In 2011, he was in the city of St. Louis for his concert. 

He saw people skating in the park, and as he was interested in skating, he tried skating there. 

Unfortunately, he fell and had a deep cut on his head near his left eye. 

He was immediately rushed into the emergency ward of the hospital. He got nine stitches in his head after that accident.

Even though he was injured, he did attend the award function of MTV and was up for his album release.

Lil Wayne Rushed To The Hospital

In 2020, Lil was close to his death. He was found in an unconscious condition in Western Hotel

He was then immediately rushed to the hospital. His heartbeat decreased to 30 percent. If it was little bit late, he would have died.

This happened to him because he had seizure and it hit him 3 times in a row. 

The third stroke of the seizure was so hard that he nearly died.

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