Who Is Dylan Brown? Fiance Of Sarah Herron

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Who Is Dylan Brown? Fiance Of Sarah Herron

Dylan Brown is the fiance of American TV personality Sarah Herron. Dylan himself is a videographer and photographer by his profession. 

Dylan Brown with his mom.
Dylan Brown with his mom. Source: Instagram

About Dylan's Fiance Sarah 

Sarah is a TV personality, well known for her appearance in The Bachelor season 17.

She was born in Evergreen, Colorado, in 1986. Her parents, Wendy and Terry Herron, raised her with her sibling Taylor.

Married Life Of Sarah 

Sarah is not married,d but she is engaged. Sarah is currently engaged to her fiance Dylan Brown

They got engaged in 2021, and they dated for four years before their engagement. 

Sarah opened up about her engagement with Dylan through her Instagram. 

Sarah and Dylan had a son together, but sadly, the couple lost their child shortly after his birth. 

Dylan Brown with his fiancee, Sarah Herron.
Dylan Brown with his fiancee, Sarah Herron. Source: Instagram

How Did Sarah Meet Dylan?

Sarah met Dylan when she was searching for a videographer to work with for her organization SheLift.

One of the friends suggested Dylan's name, and that's how she knew about him and met him. 

Sarah started having a crush on Dylan, and slowly, they became close to each other and fell in love. 

Dylan Brown and Sarah Herron.
Dylan Brown and Sarah Herron. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Her fiancee Sarah is 36 years old. She has a net worth of $500k to $1 Million. 

Dylan Lost His Baby

Sarah and her husband Dylan tried IVF to get Sarah pregnant. Sarah was excited to get the baby into her stomach. 

She was pleased to be pregnant, and they named him Oliver

Although Oliver was not born, his presence in Sarah's body was something extraordinary for her. 

She had her best days in life. She revealed that Oliver was always with her, enjoying herself with his brother and father. 

But unfortunately, the boy didn't survive. Oliver was born just after 24 weeks of pregnancy. 

Just after his birth, Dylan held him in his hand and was happy. But eventually, the boy died at the same hands. 

Oliver had already become a big part of Sarah's life and family. So losing him was one of the sad truths she had to go through.

Sarah Didn't Limit Herself

Sarah was born without one hand. It was unfortunate to be born with this disability, but she didn't get hopeless or less confident from her condition. 

Instead, she was more dedicated to her journey to what she is now. 

In her early days, she was insecure about her condition. 

She wanted to make her own identity and didn't want to be called a one-hand girl. She was not so confident at the beginning. 

She was scared that people, especially boys, might not talk to her because of her disability. 

But at the end of her high school days, she realized that she was much bigger and better. It made her who she is now

Sarah Brought Girls Together

Sarah is one of the good celebrities that are using their fame in the field of social work. 

She has established an organization named SheLift where many girls around the country can meet and help each other who don't have an arm like Sarah

The organization helps rescue more like her and brings unity to this unique group. 

The group members also revealed that talking to people like them with no arms makes them feel like someone understands them. 

They feel free to talk about bullies and all the difficulties that they faced throughout their life. They said that they were thankful for the organization.

Sarah Inspired Many

Sarah didn't have much confidence in herself and was afraid of her condition. So to overcome that fear, she went to The Bachelor. 

She went to the show for her betterment, but she inspired many. 

Coming up on national television to confess herself and show herself to the world inspired many like her. 

She became the inspiration of many people over the night. She then was more motivated to try other things. 

She went on trekking and climbing despite her disability. She also shared her experiences with that stuff with her followers. 

She went skiing and had many more adventures. It not just boosted her confidence but inspired thousands like her.

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