Who Is Ed Kelce? Father Of Travis Kelce

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Who Is Ed Kelce? Father Of Travis Kelce

Ed Kelce is the father of American football tight end Travis Kelce

Ed himself was a sales representative in the steel industry. He is an American citizen by nationality. 

Ed Kelce's ex-wife and their son.
Ed Kelce's ex-wife and their son. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Ed

Ed was married to his wife, Donna Kelce. The couple met a long time ago, and they fell in love at first sight. 

His former wife, Donna, was on the way to a date with another guy when she decided to stop at a bar named Fagsons

Ed was also in the bar, and both grabbed a drink together.

They started talking for long hours and enjoyed their company so much that Donna missed her date with the other guy. 

They started dating and eventually got married in the 70s. They shared two sons, Jason and Travis, together. 

Children of Ed Kelce.
Children of Ed Kelce. Source: Instagram

Ed’s marriage with Donna lasted for 25 years, and they decided to end their marriage. 

Their sons are now well-known NFL players and have made them very proud.

Age And Net Worth 

The age of Ed is unknown. He has a net worth of $1 Million. His source of income was retailing. 

Ed Kelce with his son, Travis Kelce.
Ed Kelce with his son, Travis Kelce. Source: Instagram

Ed Was Rejected From The Army

Ed revealed in an interview that his entire family has served in the army. Even he tried to join the military and was ready for it. 

But he has some issues with his knees. He had cartilage in his left knee, which kept him from being in the army. 

He also went on to become a coastal guard. He continued that job until he got into Crohn's disease

He couldn't continue giving his service as a coastal guard but successfully raised brilliant children. 

He always wanted to do what he loved, but his health conditions prevented it. But he managed to become a great father.

Ed Realized That He Had To Work Hard

Ed revealed that he was 36 when he first became a father. He was pleased when he realized he would be a father. 

But along with the happiness, he knew that he had to work a lot harder than before. 

When he was at the hospital after the birth of his son, he went to the bathroom, looked at himself, and told himself to become more careful and responsible. 

He said that although there was a lot of work to put into it, it was easy and fun to become a dad, and when he looks back, he feels that he has become a fantastic father.

Travis's Mother Wore Two Jersey At Super Bowl

Travis is the charm of the Super Bowl League, as he has won the Super Bowl more than once. 

But he is not the only player in his family playing in the Super Bowl. 

His brother was playing against him in his opponent's team in the league. 

As a child, they both dreamt of playing in the Super Bowl.

It was a great thing that both of them were playing in the Super Bowl, and what was more interesting was that they were playing against each other. 

They played very well and even hugged each other. But what was more exciting about the match was their mother were watching.

She appeared so cool in the match with her exciting outfit. 

To support both her sons, she got the shirt custom attaching both the team's jerseys and kept both her sons simultaneously, which was thoughtful of her. 

Travis Built Him And His Team To Win

Travis won the Super Bowl in American football with his team in one of the seasons, and he expressed that it was an emotional moment for him. 

He was screaming and crying off the joy after winning the title. But after that season, they started to lose the Super Bowl.

They were frustrated about their loss, so they started to build themselves better. 

They worked hard and won matches. It was a dramatic season, as things were not always on their side. 

But still, they managed to win the Super Bowl once again. They felt like the king of the season, and he was proud and happy.

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