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Edward Butler is the late father of Gerard Butler, who is a Scottish actor. He was married to Margaret Butler. He worked as a bookmaker.

He was a Scottish citizen.  He had three children with his wife, Margaret. He got separated from his wife when his youngest son was just 18 months old. 

Edward Butler's son Gerard Butler and ex-wife
Edward Butler's son Gerard Butler and ex-wife  Source: Instagram

Patched up with his Youngest Son

Edward had three children. He got separated from his youngest child Gerard after splitting with his wife. 

His family moved to Canada, but his wife and youngest son returned to Scotland after separating. 

His youngest son was just 18 months old when he had to send him with his mother. 

He met his more youthful son after 14 years. After looking at him, his son cried for five hours

It was a great moment for them as they met after such a huge gap. 

He even didn't know his biological father was alive for several years. The father-son duo had spent several good times together until the death of Edward.

Relationship Status of Gerard Butler

Gerard dated Jennifer Aniston previously. Both of them met each other in 2009 in the set of The Bounty Hunter and where they worked together. 

They both dated for a year. As they weren't able to maintain their relationship, they both broke up a year after dating. 

After their breakup, they remained in touch. He also helped her ex-girlfriend, although she was married to someone else. 

After that, Gerard dated Lindsay Lohan. They both were caught kissing in Morocco but later separated.

As of 2021, he is in a relationship with Morgan Brown, who is an interior designer. 

They started dating each other in 2014. At that time, they went to a beach in Malibu.  

But they broke up with each other after dating for two years. They mutually agreed and separated.

They again reunited in 2019 and now happily dating each other. 

He has no kids, but he opened up that he surely wants to have children in the future.

Edward Butler children
Edward Butler children   Source: Instagram

Gerard Butler Had Motorcycle Accident

In 2017, Gerard got into an accident where he was injured badly.  

After two years of his accident, he filed a case against the person responsible for his motorbike crashing. 

He opened up that one woman cut him off with her car while he was in traffic. Because of her, he got into a motorbike accident. 

That accident taught him how important life is. As the woman broke her lane, he had no time to catch his break.

Although he was badly injured and went through surgery, that incident gave him a severe injury to his spine. 

So because of that, he filed a case against the woman, reporting that she made an illegal turn which caused him to get into an accident. 

Gerard Butler Accused of Having Relation with Married Woman

According to that accusation, Gerard had a relationship with a woman who was already married. 

He was blamed that he left the married woman after the woman broke her marital relationship. 

The woman's identity was not revealed. It was also known that the woman was just married when she had an affair with Gerard, and they had been texting and involved in calls. 

But later, it was opened up by the women who spoke that the accusation was a complete fake. 

The woman also opened up that she met Gerard in a premiere and disagreed about having a relationship with him. 

She thought Gerard liked her, so she called him many times because Gerard had also changed his number. 

She cleared up, saying that she hadn't been in touch with Gerard.

Gerard Didn't Get His Part of the Money

Gerard did a movie in 2013 named "Olympus Has Fallen." He had signed a contract with the film production about his part of profit money. 

The movie was a super hit and earned about $170.3 Million at the global box office. 

According to their contract, Gerard was supposed to get about $10 million, but he didn't get a single penny among this amount of money. 

He was shown self-made financial data by producer to misguide him. He then filed a case against the film producer, Nu Image and Millennium Films

He filed a case to claim his profit from that movie, which is more than $10 Million. The case is running in court. 

Age, Height, and Weight

He died when his son Gerard was in his early twenties.

Net Worth

Gerard's net worth is $40 Million. His source of income is a Scottish professional actor. 

He earns from acting in different movies. The average salary for an actor in America is $58,097.

About Gerard Butler

Gerard is a Scottish actor born on 13 November 1969. He is the youngest son of his parents. 

His mother's name is Margaret Butler, and his father's name is Edward Butler

He was born in Paisley, Renfrewshire in Scotland but his family moved to Montreal, Quebec

His parents got divorce, and his mother raised him and his siblings. After his parent's divorce, he met his father when he was sixteen.

He has started his acting career by working in small productions and is playing in big movies. 

His best movies are Bounty Hunter, Den Of Thieves, and 300. He has been nominated for many awards and also won awards for the best action star. 

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