Who Is Edward Kostyra? Father Of Martha Stewart

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Edward Kostyra is the late father of American retail, businesswoman, writer, and TV personality Martha Stewart. Edward himself was a pharmaceutical salesman. He used to work as a teacher.

Edward was born on August 21, 1911, in New York, United States, to his parents, Frank Kostyra and Helen Krukar Kostyra.

He was married to his late wife, Martha Ruszkowski Kostyra

He shared six kids with his late wife. He died in the year 1979. He was an American citizen by nationality. 

About Edward’s Daughter Martha 

Martha is a retail businesswoman, writer, and TV personality

She is known for hosting her show, The Martha Stewart Show, from 2005 to 2012

She was born in 1941 and has her birthday on August 3. Her parents raised her with her four siblings. 

Edward Kostyra's daughter, Martha Stewart.
Edward Kostyra's daughter, Martha Stewart. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Martha 

Martha is currently unmarried and single. 

However, previously, she was married to Andrew Stewart. 

She met him on a blind date, and eventually, in a short time, they started dating. 

They tied the knot in 1961 and shared a daughter named Alexis. Her daughter is a television host.

Sadly, their marriage didn’t last long, as the couple divorced in 1990.

She then got into a relationship with Charles Simonyi. They dated for 15 years and then got separated in 2008.

Martha Stewart and her daughter.
Martha Stewart and her daughter. Source: Instagram

Divorce Affected Her Daughter

Martha and her ex-husband were married for over 25 years and share a daughter. 

Their marriage was full of ups and downs, and the couple faced many issues. 

Things started getting messy between them, and the couple eventually got divorced. 

They had so many problems between them and were so caught up in their things that they forgot their daughter. 

Martha and Andrew failed as parents because they could not give their daughter a good childhood. 

Their divorce affected Alexis a lot, and because of that, Alexis didn’t have a good relationship with either of her parents. 

She has completely distanced herself from her dad and doesn’t have a good bond with her mom either. 

Regardless of issues with her parents, she is a bit closer to her mother than her dad. 

Age and Net Worth 

Martha is 82 years old. She has a net worth of $550 Million

Her source of income is a businessman and TV host

Martha Was Hated

Martha appeared in the sitcom Ellen alongside Ellen DeGeneres back in the 90s

She shared her experience working in the show and opened up about how everyone on the set hated her. 

Martha had a great time working on the set but was so scared during the rehearsal. 

She saw Ellen DeGeneres and found her great at acting, directing, and everything. 

On the other hand, Martha had problems with her lines, and everyone in the cast constantly told her to remember her lines correctly. 

Everyone over there hated her until she appeared on the set and performed well. 

She did great during the shooting, making everyone like her again. 

Martha’s Love For Animals And Horticulture

Martha gave an interview to TheEllenShow, where she talked about her love of horticulture and animals

She started talking about her love for cooking and said she loves cooking when she stays in her house. 

She has a big yard, so she grows her vegetables, picks them fresh, and cooks them. 

Also, she has peacocks, dogs, donkeys, and chickens, and she loves all animals. 

However, she has difficulties keeping dogs and peacocks together as they don’t go along, so she has separate time for them. 

She let dogs go loose in the morning and peacocks in the afternoon. 

Also, her donkey and peacocks enjoy barging inside her crib and like eating Cappuccino and croissants.

Martha Is Confident In Her Body 

Martha is a very talented and work-oriented person. 

She has been working hard since she was young and has succeeded independently. 

She is in her 80s and still focused on her work and building herself, and her recent work in magazines has inspired many people. 

She was a model in the 2023 Sports Illustrated magazine, where she did a photoshoot wearing a swimsuit. 

Despite her age, she was confident showing her body, which has made people see themselves differently. 

Also, after her photo shoot in the swimsuit, many other people got different opportunities, which made her proud of what she did. 

Martha feels that her work ethic makes her confident in doing new things.

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