Edward Wesley Rodgers- Truth About Aaron Rodgers Father

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Edward Wesley Rodgers- Truth About Aaron Rodgers Father

Edward Wesley Rodgers is known as being the father of American Rugby player Aaron Rodgers

Edward is married to Darla Leigh Pittman Rodgers. He has three children with Darla, and all of them are sons. 

Edward himself is a Texas-born chiropractor. He is an American citizen by nationality. 

Edward with his son Luke
Edward with his son Luke  Source: Instagram

Dating Life Of Edward's Son Aaron

Aaron has dated many well-known celebrities. In 2011, he was in a relationship with Jessica Szohr, an actress. 

They shortly dated and ended their relationship as they could not make time for each other. But in 2014, they again reunited but again broke up.

He then dated Danica Patrick for two years and later broke up. He is currently dating Shailene Woodley.

How Did Aaron Meet Shailene Woodley?

Aaron met the love of his life through his friends, who were mutual to Shailene

They both started dating in 2020 after knowing each other through their mutual friend. 

As of 2021, the couple is happily engaged. Aaron's fiancé Shailene happily announced their engagement. 

They both exchanged rings in a talk show.

Aaron's current partner Shailene
Aaron's current partner Shailene  Source: Instagram

About Aaron Rodgers

Aaron is an American football quarterback born on December 2, 1983.

He was born to Edward Wesley and Darla Leigh and was raised with his siblings in Chico, California

His full name is Aaron Charles Rodgers. Aaron is well known as a football quarterback who plays for the team Green Bay Packers

He started his career in rugby during his college days. 

He joined Green Bay Packers Club in 2005, and as of 2021, he still plays for that same club in National Football League

Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers  Source: Instagram 

No Regrets On Retirement

Aaron Rodgers gave an interview to Fox Sports in 2022. There he talked about media, his winnings, and his retirement. 

Aaron has been a big name in football history, and he has achieved a lot in his career. 

Hence his retirement was a shock to people. But according to what he has said, he was ready for retirement and had been thinking about it for quite a time. 

He says that he has no regrets within himself from his retirement. Moreover, he says he is happy and blessed for what he has achieved. 

He also expressed that he had nothing to prove in the field, and he has done all the provings in his past matches.

He had hence won a lot of MVPs in half. He also expressed that the football game has given him every quality of life he is thankful for. 

During off-seasons, he describes the time as contemplation. Because according to him, he had no intention of creating a drama in media after his season 16 break, but things turned out differently. 

When he was offseason in previous seasons, he used to think that he could not play more before the season started, but he always does best.

Moreover, he has been part of 17 seasons. He won MVP in one of his matches in season 17, but he was substituted.

He was ready to retire, and his team was not prepared to be committed. He was okay with that because he has done a lot for the team, the game, the fans, and himself.

He has seen a lot of conversations and situations. According to him, no one knows players, locker room, squad, or decision player make better than him. 

He has been a part of many decisions and games, but he claims that he has never been hungry for credits or any other things. The only thing that mattered to him was winning.

Aaron Rodgers Is Expecting To Get Back Soon

Aaron Rodgers gave an interview on The Pat McAfee Show in 2022.

He talked about his social media post, friends, and speech. He started by talking about his MVP speech after the match, which was described as a great speech by the show's host. 

He thanked all his teammates and the Green Bay Packers organization for the speech. 

It was not the first time he thanked his friends, teammates, and team. He frequently keeps posting gratitude posts on his Instagram account. 

He shows his respect to every teammate. Even in every interview, he talked about his teammates and his love for them. 

He has always been this kind of guy. But people think that he is doing things like this in a drunken state. 

They believe he is writing bullshit that he never means. Replying to all these allegations and false news, he responded very politely, like always. 

Aaron expressed that he has seen both the bottom and top in his life. He has experienced a lot in his career.

If people figure out the beauty of life and game, they would know why he is thankful for his teammates.

Moreover, he said nothing cryptic and wrong about showing gratitude. 

In addition, he uploaded a picture of his teammates standing for the anthem before the matches. 

He said he misses his teammates and stands along with them as he has been out from the game due to the Covid virus. 

According to the footballer, he also has not been able to work out or do regular stuff.

Aaron gave up on football 

Aaron gave an interview on the Graham Bensinger podcast where he talked about him quitting football. 

The interviewer started the interview by asking Aaron about any D1 scholarship that he got in high school. 

Aaron said that he got zero football scholarships while he was in school and the reason behind it was him not being unknown about it. 

Aaron grew up in a very small place, and he and his parents did not have much exposure. Not many people knew his name, and because of that, he didn't have any scholarships in his high school days. 

He said that he worked hard as he didn't get any scholarships. 

He said that he tried to figure out what he wanted in his life in spring, and he mentioned that it was a big moment for him. 

He wanted to play baseball, and he was confused about what to do. At that time, coach Rigsby from Butte College reached out to him and then he started playing for Butte

While playing a game with All-Star, his confidence was boosted, and he played well in that game. He trained himself hard. 

Aaron then talked about giving up on football. As he was playing baseball, he was very focused on playing summer baseball with the Lyon team, and he was not sure what to do. 

He had three options: to play football, baseball, or be on the All-Star team. His first love is football, so he chose football over others. 

The interviewer then wanted to know about Purdue's rejection letter that he received. He said that it was his first rejection letter, and he took it as a slap on his face. 

And that was the time when he stopped playing football for some time, but he later came back to the track and started playing football again.


Aaron is 38 years old. 

Net Worth 

The net worth of Aaron is $120 Million. His source of income is rugby. 

The average income of rugby player is $72,000 per year. 

Aaron Rodgers Is Involved In Music As Well

Aaron is a music person. He has always been interested in music; hence, his friend Ryan Zachary established his music label and named it Suspended Sunrise Academy. 

He also has a band named The Make. They have an original song, and he is also in the music video

Music might be alternative career for him after his rugby career ends.

Aaron Rodgers Went Through An Injury

During quarantine days, Aaron was continuously training and practicing. But he ended up getting injured. 

But he didn't focus much on his injury and started playing once the matches were held in 2021

He again broke his toe, and the doctor said he needed to go through surgery. He needed to plant a pin in his toe. 

But since he will not be allowed to play after the implantation of the pin in his toe, he seems to deny the implantation. 

He wants to wait until the break is over and heal through rest. He still wants to play for the team and watch if he really can't play or not.

Edward Wesley Rodgers's Son Has An Allergy

As the coronavirus broke out, every player got vaccinated but Aaron didn’t. 

After the media found out that he didn't take the vaccine, they jumped off into him. People discarded him for his decision. 

He told them that he had an allergy to the vaccine, but the media didn't believe him. 

He said that he would try some alternative way, but the media started trolling him, and so did people.

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