Who Is Eileen Poehler? Mother Of Amy Poehler

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Who Is Eileen Poehler? Mother Of Amy Poehler

Eileen Poehler is the mother of Amy Poehler, an American actress. She is married to William Poehler.

Eileen worked as a school teacher. They have two children, Amy and Greg. 

Her son Greg is a producer and actor.

Eileen Poehler's husband and their daughter.
Eileen Poehler's husband and their daughter. Source: Pinterest

Daughter's Married Life

Amy and Will Arnett were a famous comedy couple. 

They met in the 90s, got together in 2000, and married in 2003. They have two sons named Archie and Abel

They also shared the screen in movies and TV shows. 

Despite their comedic chemistry, they split in 2012

Their divorce was finalized in 2016, and they continue to co-parent their sons amicably. 

The relationship brought laughter, love, and two wonderful kids, and even though it didn’t last, they remained committed to their children’s well-being. 

Amy Poehler, Tina Fey And Maya Rudolph Reunited

Amy, Tina Fey, and Maya Rudolph, who have been friends for over 20 years, recently went to the movies to see Tina Fey’s musical adaptation of Mean Girls.

Amy shared a video of their outing on Tiktok with the caption #meangirlsweekend. 

The trio has a strong friendship and has appeared in films together.

Tina and Amy often reminisce about their time on Saturday Night Live, even texting each other while watching old episodes. 

In a recent interview, Amy mentioned that Tina taught her how to pluck her eyebrows in their 20s

They met in the 90s in Chicago and, according to Maya, instantly bonded when Amy joined Saturday Night Live in 2011.

Their friendship is solid and enduring.


Eileen's daughter, Amy, was born on September 16, 1971. She will be 52 years old in 2023.

Net Worth

As an American actress, Eileen’s daughter Amy's net worth is about $25 million

Children of Eileen Poehler.
Children of Eileen Poehler. Source: Instagram

Amy Shared About Her Podcast And High School Experience

Amy recently joined TikTok, and she shared an experience where she and Maya Rudolph made a video during a casino trip, unaware that it was affected by a cyber hack. 

She reflects on her father’s advice about casinos and how they mostly enjoyed shows and walking around during the visit. 

Amy also talks about her podcast. Dr. Sheila plays a therapist despite not being licensed. 

The podcast is funny and intimate. Amy and her friends improvise the episodes, with Dr. Sheila being slow and judgmental, asking questions to buy time when not entirely focused. 

Amy asks good questions in relationships for better understanding. 

They also answer audience questions and discover new things about each other.

Amy shared the challenges of being seen as an expert and dealing with demanding audiences, including high school students. 

She loves the opportunity to make people laugh. 

Amy shared about her high school experience, where she mentioned feeling uncool despite her involvement in sketch and improv. 

Despite her lack of validation, she pursued comedy, leading to her teaching a master class and producing episodes of her podcast Amy Poehler’s Smartgang every Thursday. 

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