Elaine Jasper- Tragedy Of Rudolph Isley Wife

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Elaine Jasper is the wife of American singer and songwriter Rudolph Isley's.

Marriage And Children

Rudolph was married to Elaine for a long time, about 65 years

They married in 1958 and were parents of four children: Rudy Jr., Elizabeth, Valerie, and Elaine

Rudolph formed a band with his brother and named The Isley Brothers. Their band is a famous music group.

The Isley Brothers have won Grammy Awards, and they have become very well-known in the music world. 

Elaine Jasper's daughter.
Elaine Jasper's daughter. Source: Alamy

Death Of Her Beloved Husband

Her husband Rudolph was known for his smooth singing in the Isley Brothers and co-writing their songs. 

He passed away at 84. He died peacefully in his sleep, confirmed by his brother Ernie. It was tragic for his wife, Elaine, and their four kids.

The Isley Brothers were a famous musical group known for their diverse styles, moving from gospel to soul R&B and funk

They began in the 1950s, and although they faced challenges, they preserved and created iconic songs like Shout and Twist and Shout

Rudolph is the second oldest brother and was a significant part of the group, but he became a Christian minister later in life. 

He continued to make music a religious focus and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

His recent lawsuit against his brother Ronald over the band’s trademark caused family tension. 

Rudolph’s passing leaves Ronald and Ernie as the remaining Isley Brothers


Elaine's husband died at the age of 84.

Net Worth

Rudolph's net worth was about $2 million

Elaine Jasper's late husband, Rudolph Isley.
Elaine Jasper's late husband, Rudolph Isley. Source: Pinterest

Rudolph's Lawsuit Against His Brother Ronald

Rudolph filed a lawsuit against his brother, Ronald Isley

Rudolph claims that Ronald unfairly took control of the Isley Brothers trademark and kept all the money. 

The lawsuit says that since the band started in 1953, the trademark should be shared equality among all the members, including Rudolph, Ronald, and O’Kelly Isley

2021 Ronald secretly registered the trademark for certain music-related things without telling Rudolph

Rudolph stopped performing with the band in 1989 and believes he should still get his fair share of the money because he has managed the band’s business.

The video also talked about an ongoing family disagreement with hints that Ronald might not be sincere in taxes and Social Security

There’s also mention of a falling out between Ronald and Ernie Isley and their brothers Vernon and Marvin, and it is unclear who’s on whose side. 

It also notes that Ernie Isley wrote the hit song Smiles in the Making and many others before joining the Isley Brothers

Rudolph's Love For Music And Family

In The Jennifer Hudson Show, Rudolph talked about his love for family and music and mentioned how the song “Shout” helped them become successful.  

They also remember the late Arthea Franklin and how she influenced their R&B careers. 

They chat about their album, The Book Of Days, and share that they worked with Beyonce on it. 

One of their songs, Soaring to New Heights, has been on the charts for five weeks, and the album has been out for three months. 

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