Who Is Eleanor Lomax? Mother Of Kieran Trippier

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Who Is Eleanor Lomax? Mother Of Kieran Trippier

Eleanor Lomax is the mother of English professional football player Kieran Trippier. She is married to her husband, Chris Trippier. 

She has four sons with her husband. Eleanor used to work as a cashier. She is an English citizen

Eleanor Lomax's husband, Chris Trippier.
Eleanor Lomax's husband, Chris Trippier. Source: Twitter

Marriage And Children

Eleanor is married to her husband, Chris Trippier. They have four children together, and all of them are sons.  

Their name is Christopher Trippier, Curtis Trippier, Kelvin Trippier and Kieran.

Who Is Eleanor’s Son Kieran Married?

Kieran is married to Charlotte Trippier. They have been married since 2016. 

Kieran has known Charlotte since childhood, and before they fell in love and started dating, they were best friends. 

As of 2022, they have three children together.

Family of Kieran Trippier.
Family of Kieran Trippier. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

The age and net worth of Eleanor are unknown. Her son Kieran is 32 years old. 

He has a net worth of $6 -$9 Million

Eleanor Was Not Happy About Kieran Choosing Manchester City?

Eleanor and his family are great fans of Manchester United.

She and her family wanted her son Kieran to join Manchester United, but Kieran chose to go to Manchester City. 

According to Kieran, his parents never forced him to choose the team or the oath he was taking, but they did suggest joining Manchester United. 

But after joining Manchester City FC, Eleanor and her family were a bit unlikely. 

They loved that Kieran played in Manchester City and was doing well. 

But simultaneously, they knew that Manchester City was their biggest rival.

Kieran Was Found Betting

Betting has been an illegal part of football as many players are frequently found practising this activity or being part of one. 

Any one of the acts is not allowed in football as the Football Association has strict rules against betting or anything involving it. 

Kieran also was one of the players found to be involved in betting. He did say that he didn’t bet himself or engage in any of the bettings. 

But the FA held a committee to investigate the case, and he was found guilty of four charges. 

He was found passing information about the club and was part of betting. 

For this, he was fined £70000 and was banned from playing and participating in football activities for ten weeks.

Kieran’s Red Card Was Replaced By A Yellow

Kieran and his team New Castle United went against his old club Manchester City and ended the match in a 3-3 draw. 

The English defender was playing his best of the match as his tackle saved the Manchester City player from carrying on a dangerous attack. 

But the tackle again De Bruynewas stated as foul. He was directly sent off the pitch by showing a red card. 

After a few times, the VAR reported that the foul didn’t deserve a red card. 

The referee confirmed the decision of VAR, and he was again brought back to the game by just giving a yellow card. 

His presence helped the team to make a draw match.

Kieran Can Do Anything For The Club

After a 3-3 draw against Manchester City, Kieran gave an interview to the media where he talked about the foul he carried out in the match against De Bruyne

The foul was reckless, as he could have hurt the attacker. But in the interview, he said he is willing to do anything for the club. 

He also added that although he always wants to win for the club, he would never intentionally hurt any player. 

He also apologizes for his foul on that day. It happened in the flow, and he never wanted to hurt the attacker.

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