Who Is Elin Nordegren? Ex-Wife Of Tiger Woods

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Who Is Elin Nordegren? Ex-Wife Of Tiger Woods

Elin Nordegren is the ex-wife of American professional golfer Tiger Woods. Elin herself is a former model by profession. 

She has three children. She was born in Stockholm, Sweden. She is a Swedish citizen

Elin Nordegren's ex-husband Tiger Woods and their children Sam and Charlie
Elin Nordegren's ex-husband Tiger Woods and their children Sam and Charlie Source: Instagram

Relationship Status

Elin is currently in a relationship with Jordan Cameron, who is a former National Football League player.

She has a son with her partner Jordan who was born in 2019 and his name is Arthur

Elin Nordegren with her partner Jordan Cameron and their son Arthur
Elin Nordegren with her partner Jordan Cameron and their son Arthur Source: The Sun

Past Relationship Of Elin

Elin was previously married to Tiger. The couple was introduced by their mutual friend. 

Tiger and Elin happily tied their knot in 2004, They stayed as a couple for six years and then later got divorced. 

Elin has two children with her ex-husband, Tiger.

Elin Nordegren with her ex-husband Tiger Woods
Elin Nordegren with her ex-husband Tiger Woods  Source: People.com


Elin is 42 years old. Her height is 1.8m.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Elin is $200 Million. She earned her income by being a nanny and model

Got cheated By Ex-Husband 

Elin was previously married to Tiger

However, their marriage life came to an end after Elin found out her ex-partner was cheating on her. 

She found out that her ex-partner had a relationship with many other women, although being married to her. 

Elin found the messages of many women on Tiger's phone, which started causing problems in their marriage. 

Her ex-partner agreed that he had affairs with multiple women and admitted that he had a physical relationship with more than 120 women. 

Her partner's cheating cause them to end their marriage in 2010, and Elin received $750 Million for a divorce settlement. 

Besides, so much happened between them they want to be the best parents for their child, and they respect each other for the sake of their children.

Judged For Not Speaking 

Elin had gone through a hard time after she found Tiger cheating on her. 

She opened up that she was judged and humiliated for maintaining silence. 

She said that she was not silent and she had a lot of things to say, and she didn't want to say in front of the media. 

The media criticized her for not saying anything. She said that she had gone through a lot, and she knows what she had to deal with. 

It was also known that she was not happy when her ex Tiger moved on in his life after their divorce. 

He started dating a skater just after his divorce. 

She didn't want to let her kids meet the Tiger after she knew about her ex dating a new woman.

Saved Her Ex-Husband

Some years back, Tiger got himself into an accident. He crashed his SUV in a fire hydrant. 

He got himself lots of injury after that accident. The accident took place in the house area, and the sound of his car crash woke his wife, Elin. 

She ran to watch what happen and there she saw Tiger Inside the car. 

She broke the window to the car and took her husband out of the SUV. 

Tiger was badly wounded in that accident, and his face was covered with blood. 

Elin asked her neighbor to call 911, and that's how she managed to help him.

Tiger Became Emotional On Father's Letter 

Tiger's father, Earl Woods, had written a book in which he had a letter for his son Tiger.

In that letter, it was written that Tiger means everything to his dad, and he is very much precious to him. 

His dad had always taught him that it's a completely okay to cry, not because it shows that he is weak, but it somehow shows his strength when cries. 

His dad had written that he wants his son Tiger to care for others. 

His dad passed all his abilities to him, and he believe that his son will follow all the guidance that he had taught to him. 

Tiger was all in tears while Winfrey was reading that letter to him. It was a very emotional moment for him.

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