Who Is Elisa Montero? Wife Of Lionel Scaloni

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Who Is Elisa Montero? Wife Of Lionel Scaloni

Elisa Montero is the wife of the Argentine former player and current coach of the Argentina national team, Lionel Scaloni

She was born in Andalusia, Spain. She is a former volleyball player by her profession. She is a Spanish citizen.

Married Life Of Elisa 

Elisa is married to her husband, Lionel Scaloni. They have been married to each other since 2018

As of 2022, the couple is the parents of two children. They have two sons together named Ian and Noah. Both their children were born before their marriage.

Elisa Montero's husband, Lionel Scaloni.
Elisa Montero's husband, Lionel Scaloni. Source: Pinterest

How Did Elisa Meet Lionel?

Elisa and Lionel both met each other back in 2008. At that time, Elisa played volleyball in Mallorca, and Lionel played football as a loan player. 

Lionel was 31, and Elisa was 29 when they met each other. Lionel was the one to make the first step as he told Elisa that he liked her and asked her to go out with him.  

Elisa left her everything in Mallorca and followed Lionel.

Age And Net Worth 

Elisa is 42 years old. Her net worth is unknown. However, her husband, Lionel, has a net worth of $3 Million.

Elisa Forced Lionel

Elisa and Lionel have been married for a long time, as they already have two kids together. 

Still, they have not revealed much about each other. But some sources have ensured that Elisa is one of the biggest supporters and one of the biggest reasons that Lionel is in his current position. 

He expressed that he was once inspired and even forced by his wife to persuade a career in coaching. 

She did not just support her husband mentally and emotionally, but she also watched all the matches in which her husband was present. 

In the current World Cup, she also supports her husband by being present on the ground.

Elisa Knows The Pressure

Elisa’s husband manages the national team of Argentina, and it's a huge responsibility for him to succeed in the national team. 

So he is constantly under pressure from everywhere. He knows his job, but things get anxious and heated as they have to work in a group. 

So Elisa understands all the pressure, anxiety, and heat-ups that her husband frequently has because she was an athlete playing in a team. 

She used to play volleyball, so she knows that pressure and anxiety are part of the team. It makes her husband Lionel work without any explanations about anything.

Elisa Wants To Stay Away From Media

Elisa herself was an athlete, and as her husband is the manager of the Argentina national team, it was obvious that the media covered her all the time. 

But, she doesn’t believe in staying in the spotlight, so she tries to stay as away from the media as possible. 

Not just her but her kids are also constantly kept away from the spotlight. 

When her husband Lionel was asked about the matter, he revealed that Elisa knew what she was doing; it was her life and her choice. 

The coach said that he respects her choice and everyone should as well. 

He expressed that Elisa knew what she was doing and what was good for her, and respecting her decision was the best thing to do for her.

Elisa Has Been A Real Inspiration

Lionel ended up in an armchair ending up his career in football. He was hopeless about it and didn’t know what to do next. 

He was unsure if he could do anything. But Elisa believed in him and always encouraged and inspired him to do whatever he preferred. 

That is when coaching popped up. Elisa also encouraged him to search for a coaching job, and following the lead, he soon got a coaching job. 

Elisa has always been there for Lionel in his hard times, so the coach always respects her as a person and as his wife.

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