Who Is Eliza Blanchettem? Stunning Wife Of Jordan Morris

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Who Is Eliza Blanchettem? Stunning Wife Of Jordan Morris

Eliza Blanchettem is the wife of American professional soccer player Jordan Morris.

Eliza herself works as the director of recruitment at Delta Gamma.

She was born to her parents, Kate and Frank Blanchette. Her parents raised her with her two siblings, Nick and Ava

She is American. 

Eliza Blanchettem with her pet dog.
Eliza Blanchettem with her pet dog. Source: Instagram

About Her Married Life

Eliza is currently married to her husband, Jordan Morris. Eliza happily tied the knot with Jordan on 10 October 2021.

Before getting married, they dated for four years. They had their lavish wedding held in Big Sur, California

Eliza Blanchettem and Jordan Morris on their wedding day.
Eliza Blanchettem and Jordan Morris on their wedding day. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Eliza is 27 years old, and she celebrates her birthday in February

Her net worth is unknown, but her husband Jordan, who is currently 28 years old, has a net worth of $30 Million

Jordan Had A Difficult Life

In America, playing soccer is not as easy as it seems. They also have to educate themselves and pay to play in the teams. 

So it was financially difficult for Jordan as well. But his talent and ability got him to the top level in soccer wherever he went. 

But what was more of a problem was that he had Type 1 Diabetes at the age of nine

So he had to give up many foods and his interests. He had to live a strict life onwards. 

Moreover, he also went through torn ACL that cost him his whole year in 2018. 

But through his hard work and dedication, he came back to his job in a stronger and more dedicated manner.

Eliza Blanchettem with her husband, Jordan Morris.
Eliza Blanchettem with her husband, Jordan Morris. Source: Instagram

Jordan Prefers The Right Foot

Many people have not noticed a thing about Jordan that he is actually a full right-footed guy. 

Not too long, but he was widely noticed for his attempts to shoot from his right foot when the same ball could be shot from his left foot more easily and precisely. 

Unlike other players, Jordan is so comfortable with his right foot that he barely seems to use his left foot to shoot. 

For his same habit, people criticized him and talked about his oddly playing style. 

But Jordan is doing well with his right-foot-only strategy. 

It is surprising to see a national player struggling to shoot with the left foot but as far as he is playing well, there is no problem with how he shoots.

Jordan Is A Too Nice Guy

Jordan has earned much of everything from his career as a football player. 

Although he doesn’t play for the biggest clubs in the world, but he has one of the biggest hearts in the world, and his actions prove it. 

He knows what it feels like to be diseased, so for the sake of people stuffing from disease, he has founded a foundation for the sole purpose of helping sick people. 

Also, he is a regular helper in the local children's hospital near his place. 

He is one of the few people that doesn’t get a headline in the news for their bad behavior but secretly works for the community and the sake of people. 

His full participation in Black Life Matters campaigns is also proven.

Jordan Got His National Team Contact In College

Jordan was playing for his college team and Seattle Sounders academy when the campaign was held in the USA pre-World Cup on Stanford’s Campus. 

There Jordan was one of the players that Jurgen Klinsmann had eyes on while the matches were running.

His ability was recognized, and he was suggested for the USA national team

After that, he was selected for the national team and became the first college student to be on the national team in 20 years of history. 

He even played in the Czech Republic after his selection as his debut match.

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