Elizabeth Francis Frakes – Meet Daughter Of Jonathan Frakes And Genie Francis

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Elizabeth Francis Frakes – Meet Daughter Of Jonathan Frakes And Genie Francis

Elizabeth Francis Frakes is famous as a celebrity kid. She is the daughter of American actor and director Jonathan Frakes and actress Genie Francis

Elizabeth is an actor and a writer.

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The love story of her parents 

Her parents, Jonathan and Genie, have been together for nearly four decades. 

They first met on the set of the soap opera Bare Essence and for the second time while filming the 1985 mini-series North and South

During an interview with People, Frances said Genie was too young for him when they met on Bare Essence, which was the last of the nighttime soaps. 

Then, they were cast in key roles in ABC’s Civil War miniseries North and South

They fell in love with the location in Charleston and Natchez, and somehow, at the time, he felt she wasn’t too young for him. 

They have been together since their first date in North and South. They took a break for Memorial Day and went to New Orleans, he recalled.

He also told People that Genie somehow took a chance on him because he was like, number 37 on the call sheet on North and South while she was on top with Patrick Swayze and Lesley-Anne Down

“So why she would go out with me is still a mystery,” he added.

Elizabeth Francis Frakes parents Jonathan Frakes and Genie Francis have been married since 1988 and are still going strong
Elizabeth Francis Frakes parents Jonathan Frakes and Genie Francis have been married since 1988 and are still going strong. Source: Instagram 


She was born on the 30th of May, 1997. She is currently 26 years old.

Net Worth 

Her net worth is under review. As of now, we have the net worth of her father, Jonathan Frakes. Her father has a net worth of $25 million.

She played a cameo in General Hospital 

Elizabeth is following in her parents’ footsteps. She has already stepped into the entertainment industry. 

She has appeared in a few short films. She made her acting debut on television appearing on General Hospital as a cameo. 

She has appeared thrice so far. She first appeared on GH on a May 16 episode in 2023 as Julie, the production assistant for the Home and Heart shopping channel.

Besides that, she has penned some of the shorts herself and worked behind the scenes on episodes of the TNT series The Librarians

Her original play, “Certain Death and Other Considerations,” went out to a sold-out run at The Echo Theater Company and Playground LA.

She has an elder brother 

Elizabeth has an elder brother, Jameson Ivor

While appearing on The Art of Fatherhood podcast, her father said he and his wife dragged her brother and her all around the place. 

According to him, he and Genie started with several places in L.A. 

Then Genie quit her job when he got Thunderbirds, and they moved to London for three years. 

Thunderbirds was a total flop, so they moved to where both siblings went to school. 

But they again moved to L.A. because they couldn’t make a living in Maine

He said he had always thought it might not have been great for their kids but, in the long run, great for them because they had to figure out how it worked.

Her mother’s acting journey was not easy as she suffered from addiction, which led to her leaving the show

Her mother Genie’s acting was not an easy one. 

Born to her parents, late Canadian-American actor Ivor Francis, and former actress/model Rosemary Daley, she was inspired to become an actress from an early age. 

Genie said that her father had an extremely prestigious career that she envied and wanted to live up to. 

With a dream of becoming an actress, she asked her father if he could find an agent, and within a year, she auditioned for the popular television show “Family” and landed the part. 

Three months after her first television appearance in 1976, she landed a part as Laura Weber in the soap opera “General Hospital.” 

For two years, the show struggled, but things drastically changed after the arrival of new executive Gloria Monty, who gave her the lead character of the show, the character that became the heart of the show. 

By 1980, the show became the leading show in the daytime. 

By the age of 15, she was already at the peak of her career but there was inner turmoil running inside her. 

She was fighting to be fit in the adult world, the world she was thrown into at her young age. 

Besides that, her family was having a hard time adjusting to her sudden fame. 

Genie said she had a great deal of guilt as she was getting a lot more attention, which, according to her, her father should have gotten because he deserved that. 

Genie, on the other hand, was struggling to get accepted in a grown-up world. 

She knew she couldn’t quite fit in with the adult people on the show unless she seemed more like an adult, and she desperately wanted to fit in with them because they were sort of her last hope. 

Desperate to fit in the crowd, she pretended to be a drug user. 

The hit of cocaine took away all the pain inside; the pain was numbed, and all she was, “Wow, I got to get more of this.” 

Her addiction was ignored at work. Some people knew that she had a problem going on and didn’t do anything but instead covered it up.

After five years, she decided to leave the show after the meddling associate went to her knocking at the door and saying that it didn’t matter if she lived or died because Anthony Geary was the whole show. 

The night before that, she was rushed to the hospital after she passed out at her home. She left the show right away at the peak of her career. 

She then landed a role in Bare Essence, but the show went off-air in its mid-season. 

She later agreed to the limited return in General Hospital for her fans. Soon after, she landed a role in North and South

So, with the help of her supportive husband, she was back on track.

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