Who Is Elizabeth Rowin? Wife Of Kevin Greutert

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Who Is Elizabeth Rowin? Wife Of Kevin Greutert

Elizabeth Rowin is the wife of Kevin Greutert, who is an American film director. Elizabeth is also an actress.

Elizabeth Rowin and Kevin Greutert.
Elizabeth Rowin and Kevin Greutert.

About Her Husband

Her spouse, Kevin, is best known for making movies like Saw. Kevin was a film editor before he started directing.

Before he became a director, Kevin edited movies like The Strangers and Room 6

He also edited the first five Saw movies, one called Jigsaw. Kevin’s first movie as a director was Saw VI in 2009

He was supposed to direct a movie called Paranormal Activity 2 but had to work on Saw 3D instead because of a contract. Kevin has also written stories and made music for films. 


Elizabeth might be in her late 50s

Net Worth

Her husband Kevin's net worth is about $2 Million.

Elizabeth Rowin with her husband, Kevin Greutert.
Elizabeth Rowin with her husband, Kevin Greutert. Source: Instagram

About Movie Saw

Director Kevin and other producers were interviewed for the movie Saw X

They said they wanted to make a Saw movie that both new and old fans could enjoy. 

They focused on developing a character named John Kramer before he became Jigsaw and made a story that people could understand even if they had not seen the previous Saw movies. 

They also brought back people's favorite character named Shawnee Smith and added some humor to make the scary parts less intense. 

They discussed how they designed the traps and the dangerous puzzles in the movie. 

They started with ideas from the writers and worked closely with the director, Kevin

They used drawings to plan the traps and had different departments like makeup, stunts, and special effects to make them. 

They ensured the traps fit into the story and gave the characters a way to survive them. 

They thought about how the traps symbolize the character’s mistakes or problems. 

They also ensured the traps were intense but still possible in real life, so they didn’t go too crazy with ideas. 

They also mentioned that this Saw movie wasn’t in 3D, which made it easier to make. 

When rating the movie, they communicated well and didn't have to change it too much to make fans happy.

Police Were Called When Saw X Movie's Editor Was Editing The Film

While editing the latest movie, Saw X, one of the editors, Steve Forn, had the sound turned up loud for a scary scene. 

The scene had a screaming and creepy sound because it involved a trap where characters had to escape to avoid losing sight. 

The police got a call from neighbors because they thought someone was being hurt. 

When the police came to Steve’s office, he showed them that it was just a movie work, and they laughed about it. 

They thought it was so realistic that they wanted to see it. 

The director, Kevin, who has worked on many movies, thought it was a funny story, mainly because Steve is usually calm and a quiet guy. 

Imagine his surprise when the police showed up, thinking something terrible was happening.

Saw X is the 10th movie in the series and is getting good reviews. 

It takes place after the first Saw movie but before the others. 

It is about the main villain, Jigsaw, going to Mexico for a medical procedure but finding out it is scam. 

So he decides to get back at the people behind it. Saw is one of the highest-rated movies in the franchise. 

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