Elizabeth Waterhouse

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Elizabeth Waterhouse

Elizabeth Waterhouse is the mother of English model, actress and singer Suki Waterhouse.

She is married to Norman Waterhouse. Elizabeth is a cancer care nurse. 

She has three daughters and a son with Norman. She is an English citizen by her nationality. 

Elizabeth Waterhouse's husband and daughter Suki Waterhouse
Elizabeth Waterhouse's husband and daughter Suki Waterhouse  Source: Instagram 

Married Life Of Suki Waterhouse 

Suki is not married yet. She has dated many well-known personalities to this date. 

She was previously in a relationship with Miles Kane, a musician. 

They dated back in 2011 for two years and later ended their relationship. After that, she dated Diego Luna in 2016 and then broke up. 

As of 2022, she is in a relationship with Robert Pattinson, an actor.

How Did Suki Meet Robert Pattinson?

Suki hasn't opened up about how and when everything started between her and Robert.

But it is known that they have been dating each other since 2018

The couple has been living together in London since they have started dating. 

They are happy together and have been spotted at many places together.

Suki Waterhouse with her partner Robert  Pattinson
Suki Waterhouse with her partner Robert  Pattinson  Source: Instagram

About Suki Waterhouse

Suki's full name is Alice Suki Waterhouse, an English model, actress, and singer born on 5 January 1992

She was born to her mom Elizabeth and dad Norman and was raised by them with her three siblings in London

Suki started her career as a model at the age of 16. She has worked with many famous brands. 

She is also an actress who has shown her appearance in many movies. She is well known for her role in the movie Pusher.

Suki, in her photoshoot
Suki, in her photoshoot  Source: Instagram 


Suki is 29 years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Suki is $10 Million. She earns from acting, modeling and singing. 

Suki Offended After Being Called "Nobody"

Elizabeth's daughter Suki is a popular model and actress. 

She has been in the field for a long time and is widely known for her hard work. 

But in the show Gossip Girls, Luna made a joke in Suki. They called Suki nobody but a girlfriend of Robert Pattinson

She then came out on Twitter and said that it was not right to call her nobody. 

She took it offensively and said that women are the reason for a women's downfall. 

It was not the first time that this stuff happened on that show. Taylor Swift was also made a joke of in the show. In that time, Taylor also came up in media and spoke against it.

Suki Waterhouse Shot A Guy

Suki was working in the movie Assassination Nation in 2018

She and the other actors had to go through a short training before the movie. 

The training was held on a set where they were taught to use a gun in a basic way. Everything was going fine. 

But Suki accidentally hurt her onset instructor. She hit the target, and the bullet out of the gun bounced off and hit the instructor. 

It was a rare case to happen, but it did happen. Some said that she shot the instructor, but it was all an accident. 

She cleared things out through her Twitter after that incident.

Waterhouse Is Not Ready To Talk About Sexual Harassment

In 2018, the #MeToo movement was all over the media and celebrities were talking about all the problems they went through. 

But Suki didn't join the movement. People were expecting her to talk, but she didn't talk much. 

She said that she has experienced sexual harassment in her way of becoming who she is now. 

But she didn't clear things out. She was not confident or strong enough to talk about those things. 

She said that the girls would understand what she was talking about. 

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