Emil Erich Zellweger

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Emil Erich Zellweger

Emil Erich Zellweger is a father of an American actress, Renee Zellweger

He had done a job in oil purifying factors and had worked as an electrical engineer and mechanical engineer.

He was born in a place in Switzerland named Au St. Gallen. Emil, along with his parents, shifted from Switzerland to Australia after World WarII.

His parent's names are Emil Zellweger and Dorothy Zellweger.

About his Wife and Children

Emil met his wife, Kjellfrid Irene, on the way crossing to the US. It was mentioned that how they met on a boat. 

His wife is a Norwegian as born in Norway. She was a nurse in Norway

Later moved to the US to work as a governess. They both got married in the year 1963

His family includes his wife, a daughter, and a son.

Emil Zellweger with his daughter, Renee, and wife Kjellfrid
Emil Zellweger with his daughter, Renee, and wife Kjellfrid   Source: Pinterest

Drew Zellweger is the eldest child of Emil. He was born on February 15, 1967, and works as a marketing executive.

About his Daughter

Renee is the youngest child of Emil and his wife, born in Texas on April 25, 1969. She went to Katy High School. 

She was a member of different clubs in her school days, like gymnast, debate, and cheerleader. 

She also took part in various sports like soccer, basketball, football. 

She was a bright student, and after she completed high school, she joined The University of Texas.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English

Although she completed her education, she was always interested in acting and giving auditions for big movies. 

From 1993, she started to be serious about acting and took every possible role that she could do.

Her debut movie as a leading role was a horror movie named Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation, but this movie was unnoted.

She was married to Kenny Chesney, but their marriage was an annulment. 

She has been in a relationship with Jack White, Bradley Cooper, and Doyle Brahman II.

Emil Zellweger daughter, Renee Zellweger
Emil Zellweger daughter, Renee Zellweger  Source: Instagram

Renee, daughter of Emil's first job?

During her junior year, she worked as a waitress to earn money because her father had lost his job.

She earned herself so that she would be able to pay her college fees. 

During that time, she learned a lot about life and people. 

Gradually she started to take part in a small role in different commercials, movies.

After she completed college, she worked for a beef commercial. It was her first job after her graduation.

Renee became worldwide famous after she starred in a movie named Jerry Maguire where Tom Cruise was the opposite star. 

Tom was the one that chose Renee for this movie because he knew that she was the most suitable one for this role.

After this movie, many people started to recognize her, and she gradually began to gain fame.

Renee Love Towards her Work

A movie named Bridget Jones's Diary was a big hit during that time, where Renee played a lead role.

In this movie, she had gain 20 pounds and learned more about her character of the film. 

Many people praised her role in this movie and the dedication that she did. 

Many people admired her for her weight, but later on, she lost weight. She was nominated as the best leading actress from that movie.

She had achieved a lot of awards throughout her career. She has worked hard to achieve it as well. 

Net Worth and Earnings

Emil's earnings information is not available. But his daughter Renee, A list actress, net worth is $90 million.

Net Worth90 million dollars

Age Height, and Weight

  1. Her age is unknown.
  2. He is Swiss by nationality.

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