Who Is Emily Jubb? Wife Of Adam Lallana

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Who Is Emily Jubb? Wife Of Adam Lallana

Emily Jubb is famous for being the wife of English professional footballer Adam Lallana. 

Emily Jubb's husband, Adam Lallana and children.
Emily Jubb's husband, Adam Lallana and children. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Emily and Adam started to date each other in 2006. Both of them met through mutual friends gathering. 

Their small gathering made a beautiful relationship between each other. 

Both of them got married after respecting each other's decision. 

Many ups and down came in their relationship, but they didn't give up on relation; instead, they fought for each other. 

Their wedding was held on 24 December 2013. Both husband and wife are beloved parents of two children. 

Their first child was born before their wedding on 26 September 2012, and the name of their first child is Arthur Michael.

Their first baby was their reason for a strong bond. 

Their second child was born in June 2015. They are very much happy with their two loving children.

Family of Emily Jubb.
Family of Emily Jubb. Source: Instagram


The age of Emily is not disclosed because of her privacy.

The age of her husband, Adam, is 33 years old. 

Net Worth

The net worth of Emily is currently unavailable.

She is an independent woman. She earns for herself so that she might have a good income.

The net worth of her husband is $31 million

Emily Jubb's husband, Adam Lallana.
Emily Jubb's husband, Adam Lallana. Source: Instagram

Adam Football Career

Adam has been very fond of football since his childhood. 

He has played for three clubs and now playing for the fourth one from Brighton.

His journey with the club started in Southampton. He spent eight years in Southampton

In 2007 he played a match from another club on loan, i.e., AFC Bournemouth, his home club. 

He had just played three games from Bournemouth. On 2014 he signed for Liverpool, which was a big achievement for his whole career. 

It was very hard for him in Liverpool. It was a big pressure for him because the club Liverpool was and still is very famous for Premier League Championship

He played his first Premier League match from Liverpool. The match was a dream of every backstage player.

But while starting in the Premier League, it was very bad for him that he could not play for it because he had got injured while training with Boston Club

His first match for Liverpool was against its initial club, which was Southampton

Although he could not play at the start of matches, he has never disappointed Liverpool during his game. 

After his comeback in the fourth game of the League, he started to show the world what this guy could do. 

He did his best for Liverpool's win.

Adam Having Fun In Seaside

Adam was raised on the beach in Bournemouth, so he used to love spending time there. 

Although some beaches have not satisfied him but tried to enjoy them. 

Even today also, he likes to go to the beach with his wife and children to enjoy. 

Not only in summer but also in winter. He reaches there to take a deep swim in the sea. 

His childhood habit always remained the same for him.

Adam As A Skillful Footballer

Talking about the skills, Adam is one of the best-attacking midfielders. 

His skills, such as assists, shots, and attacks, are very much impressive to his audience. 

He has never let down his audience's expectations. He always does his best for himself and the club. 

Taking the club into a big position was his honest work.

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