Emily Wood

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Emily Wood

Emily Wood is the sister of an English actress Aimee Lou Wood. Emily's dad is a car dealer, and her mum works for Childline

She has a sister named Aimee. Emily herself is a makeup artist by her profession. She is an English by her nationality. 

Emily's sister Aimee and mother
Emily's sister Aimee and mother  Source: Instagram 

Relationship Status Of Aimee Lou Wood 

Aimee was in a relationship with Connor Swindells previously. They both met each other on the set of Sex Education.

They dated back to 2018. They kept their relationship private for a short time, and later it was revealed publicly.  

They dated for two years and later ended up their relationship. 

She opened up that they both broke up mutually and decided to maintain a friendship. 

They are happy with their decision. As of 2021, Aimee is single. She is currently paying her all attention to her career and upcoming projects.

Sister Aimee
Sister Aimee  Source: Instagram 

About Aimee Lou Wood 

Aimee Lou is an English actress born on 3rd February 1995. Her parents raised her in Greater Manchester, England. 

Her parents got divorced when she was young. She is the one who always showed interest in acting. 

In 2016 she made her first appearance in the play, named Mary Stuart

She got attention after she appeared in the Netflix series Sex Education

Her role in that series made her drag the audience's attention towards her. 

Aimee had shown her appearance in a short film in 2020. As of 2021, she is working on a movie in which she will play her first-ever lead role. 

She will also show her presence in the upcoming movie named The Electrical Life of Louis Wain.

Emily Wood father and sister
Emily Wood father and sister  Source: Instagram 


Her sister is 26 years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Aimee is $0.2 Million. Her source of income is acting.

Aimee Lou Wood Is Suffering From A Disorder

Aimee is a beautiful actress, but her body dysmorphic disorder may surprise her fans.

She had this disorder that made her insecure about her appearance. She couldn't watch herself in the mirror because she was not satisfied with how she looked. 

This all started in her school days when she was compared to a model. 

She started finding many flaws in her body and was under-confident. She couldn't stop thinking about her flaws and her appearance.

Even though she was beautiful, she found herself not satisfied with her appearance. After she was too disturbed, she visited a therapist. 

Her therapist helped her overcome her fear of appearance and cured her disorder. 

Hence, she was confident enough to play a semi-nude role in the series Sex Education.

Aimee Lou Was Bullied

Aimee Lou may have come off as a confident actress, but it was not always the same for her. 

As a teenager in school, she always used to be a target to be bullied. She was called Bugs Bunny by her classmates. 

She didn't have any physical bully, but she was mentally disturbed by all the bullies her classmate made out of her. 

She only wanted to be friends with her classmates but became a source to bully. She later got strong after she overcame all those bullies. 

Afterward, all the bullies made her more confident and outspoken. 

Hence she thanks her classmate who bullied her for her success. Her classmate later apologized for all the trouble that they caused Aimee.

Aimee Wants To Be A Director

Aimee Lou is a brilliant actress of the current time, and she proves it from her work in many films and series, including Sex Education

She might be a great actor, but it is not what she wants to continue in her far future. 

She wanted to be a director in her future days. She wants to change the direction world and be one of the most popular women movie directors of all time. 

For this dream of her, she has been following one of the best people in business, Phoebe Waller-Bridge. 

He is one of the best directors in town, and Aimee following her and learning from her might lead her dream to come true.

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