Emma Brereton- Tragedy Of Mikala Jones Wife

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Emma Brereton- Tragedy Of Mikala Jones Wife

Emma Brereton is the wife of the late American surfer Mikala Jones. She is an American citizen of her nationality. 

Married And Children

Emma was married to Mikala for a long time. They shared two children named Isabella and Violet.

Emma and Mikala had a great married life and were together until Mikala's death. 

Emma Brereton with her late husband, Mikala Jones. Source: Instagram

About Emma's Late Husband Mikala 

Mikala was a famous surfer. He was known for his fantastic surfing skills in dangerous waves.

He was born in 1979 to his parents, Dr Jones and Drena De Niro.

He grew up with his three siblings. He belonged to the Christian religion. 

Age And Net Worth 

Her husband, Mikala, was 44 years old at the time of his death. He had a net worth of $1.9 Million. 

His source of income was surfing. 

Emma Brereton with her late husband, Mikala Jones, and their children.
Emma Brereton with her late husband, Mikala Jones, and their children. Source: AP News

The Reason Behind Her Husband's Death 

Mikala was one of the most legendary surfers in the world. He had spent his whole life surfing and sharing his unique and challenging surfing videos.

Sadly the surfer is no more. His death was a shock to everyone. 

He died on July 9 at the age of 44. The thing that he loved most was the thing that took his life. 

Mikala went surfing on the island of Indonesia, where he got injured during the surfing. 

He got cut by the surfing board on his leg, which caused damage to the femoral artery. 

His injury was severe, and he couldn’t survive the damage due to more blood loss.

Mikala Achieved His Goal

Mikala spent his whole life surfing and making shots of his challenging moments. 

He had been filming himself since he started, and there weren’t any Go Pros at that time.

But when Go Pros got introduced, he started filming from it, and getting a shot in Sunrise with a flash became his goal. 

He was desperate to take a POV shot in Sunrise with a flash, but it was hard to achieve. 

He could only get the shot in the morning, so he started surfing in the morning and afternoon. 

But one day, his friend asked him to surf in the early morning, and he agreed. 

It was early, and no one was there. Slowly, the sun rose, and he had only 20 minutes to take the perfect shot, so he took 30 frames in 3 seconds.

He finally managed to get the sunrise shot after a decade of trying it and accomplished his goal.

Mikala Left His Daughters Heartbroken

Mikala was the father of two beautiful daughters, Isabella and Violet. He and his daughters were very close to each other.

His death was confirmed by his daughter Isabella through her Instagram. She shared pictures of her with Mikala and how great her dad was. 

Mikala and Isabella had lots of great memories, and he was the one who got Isabella surfing since she was little. 

Mikala’s death has had a profound effect on his wife and kids, especially his daughter Isabella.

Emma Brereton's husband and daughter.
Emma Brereton's husband and daughter. Source: Instagram

She shared that her dad had always been there for her, and the things she learned in her life were all because of Mikala. 

Mikala always made her do things she didn't want to do and taught her new things. 

She wished she could hug her dad for the last time, but it was late. However, she will always carry him in her heart and memories. 

Mikala Could Have A Great Career

Mikala started surfing when he was very young and built his legacy. 

He always wanted to do something independently, so he chose surfing. 

When he started surfing, he didn't have access to new technology. 

He loved going inside the waves and wanted to capture all the moments. 

He loved capturing the shot and sharing it with other people to inspire them. 

But during his early days, there was no platform. 

He revealed that if there were social media when he and other surfer started their career, they could have the most successful career than any other people.

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